This year began with changes — only planning and a few new ideas for now — but I hope specific changes will be seen.
BLUR magazine is the product of a non-profit association, and given the global economic problems in recent years, it is quite a miracle that we have survived.
This should tell you a lot about my team and me — that we really love photography.

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief

CLOSE-UP Niki Boon, New Zealand


“I first discovered photography in the darkroom whilst traveling in Scotland many years ago, although it stopped for a long period of time on returning to New Zealand and I only picked up the camera again when I had children. So maybe seven years ago.“

PROJECT Hans Parsch, Croatia


“Parsch’s approach to the most iconic Croatian landscapes between 1900 and 1910 was on the edge of the common pictorialism and approaching modernism, but basically, it was his personal idealistic commitment to the honest, sincere, and basic affection for eternal environmental beauty and affection for the land.”

WET PLATE Matthew Magruder, USA


"I believe this to mirror a multitude of levels of our experiences as humans. We are made up of our parts—past experiences, triumphs, failures, our distinctly fragmented hopes and desires. Each of these parts being meaningful and separate yet serving to create our greater and distinct whole. The large sprawling views present in many of these assemblages reflect this view, allowing the viewer to explore and even be consumed by the imagery.“

INSTANTION Katharina Ira Allenberg, Germany


“Aus der Nacht tiefdunklem Schatten“ - “Out of the Deep and Dark Shadows of the Night” is a work about sequences of dreams, distant realities, and memories of them. With the visualization of these thoughts, I immerse into a world that seems to be far away from our reality. Each of the original Polaroid prints is only visible for a very short moment before they slowly disappear more and more—similar to our dreams and thoughts. I tried to fix this short moment with all its irregularities, to create a space for my imaginations."

PLAYSTICK Ira Palkina, Russia


“I love toy cameras for their simplicity and technical imperfection.
They allow me to rely more on intuition. I accept the probability of a mistake in advance and boldly experiment with multiple exposures, light leaks, random overlapping, and so on.

I let things happen in a frame, and sometimes it works.”

PINHOLE Marcos Campos, Brazil


“The magic involved in pinhole photography is just fascinating—understanding the way light travels to register on the sensitized material is to learn how to look at life around you with care and attention, a way of leaving today’s frenetic life behind.” 

WIDE Robert Moran, USA


“My aim for this series is to make photographs that spark the imagination and tell a story. The work in this portfolio is heavily influenced by Hollywood’s film noir period, which lasted from the early 1940s to the late 1950s. Black and White lends itself to strong composition, moody atmosphere, and in many of my photos, grainy texture. The images present places and situations that invite the viewer to wander down an old road, stand on a dimly lit street, or to view a scene that hints of danger.“

OPEN Pawel Biedrzycki, Poland


“Items that remain after death have special meaning for us—often waking emotions that are too strong, lying hidden in the bottom drawer.
We return to them after years, reaching memories of the past, memories inherent in the objects that don’t allow us to forget our relatives.
People With Drawers is an attempt to show the dead through the prism of left objects, the related people, and the space in which they lived.“

A Smith gallery Flawed, USA


"This past year we attended an exhibit of Michael Kirchoff’s work at Photo Méthode Gallery in Austin. We went to dinner afterward with Michael and some of the other artists. We were taken both by Michael and his work. Shortly thereafter some issues arose with the health of our building and we were forced to move, fortunately right next door. Our new space is considerably larger than our previous space. Consequently we decided to add a new exhibition space within the gallery that we are calling, “the salon”. Our goal is to showcase alternative photography in this new area of the gallery."