Dear readers, we should not philosophize much at the end of this year on how things have been. It is not the time or the place. It is important to keep a healthy mind, to stay optimistic, and move on. We wish you much success and happiness in the coming year, and please continue to support our work. Happy New 2016.

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief

CLOSE-UP Nikola Borissov , Bulgaria


“The best: creativity, freedom, travel—you can do pretty much anything you want with your time and life, live anywhere as a nomad, meet tons of different people. No day is the same as the day before. The worst: you have to deal with a very specific subspecies of people in the fashion industry, so developing superhuman patience is of paramount importance. “

PROJECT Tomer Tzvi Eliash , Israel


“My work explores the customs of the ultra-orthodox community during the holidays from a kid’s perspective. For the kids, the sacred ceremony is actually a big playtime. For the grownups, it is everything but play.”

WET PLATE Paul Alsop & Luke White , New Zealand

wet plate

“These portraits are part of an ongoing collaboration between Paul Alsop and Luke White, two Englishmen living and working in New Zealand.“



“A final chapter is her Pola-Vision Series, Weitz has been working with the last of her expired Polaroid Time-Zero film, nearly a decade old, to capture images of today that conjure her vanishing past. The film on hand ceased manufacture and expired in 2006. She shoots the Time-Zero with vintage SX-70 cameras—the resulting images often fighting to the surface with failing chemistry, reminding us our present becomes past in the time it takes to press a shutter.”

PINHOLE Maurizio Strippoli , Italy


“Distances is a project created with a 4x5 pinhole camera. I approached the landscape from a naturalistic point of view. The distance between the camera and the subject itself becomes the photographic subject that describes very open landscapes where human presence is reduced to a minimum and distance becomes part of it.” 

TETRA Patrick Ems , Switzerland


“Entering the world of photography 15 years ago, I’ve noticed a strong change in my perception. Any kind of moment or impression—everything capable of being captured by photography—sparked my desire to catch it and let those experiences live on. Lead by emotions and haste, like a little child exploring a totally unknown world, there was no plan or vision for where this journey would go. ”

WIDE Hiromichi Endo , Japan


“My photographs encourage the viewer to reconsider the relationship between humans and nature. Seeing people helping each other physically and emotionally after the disaster made me reconsider the act of prayer. I realized that this act of praying, a part of Japanese society since ancient times, is the foundation of this society.“

OPEN Jake Shivery , USA


“I can’t shoot enough. I can’t hope to keep my workflow moving at the same pace at which I meet individuals who interest me. Even within the confines of my less-than-social life, I barely go a day without meeting someone whom I’d like to photograph. I am delighted to have a subject pool that persistently motivates me, not just to work, but also to maddening passion. I keep working and hope for the best.“

PROEYECT Yucel Basoglu , Switzerland/Turkey


“I’ve been interested in photography since childhood. Long-exposure black and white photography was not very popular in my country, so I haven’t been able to do it professionally. I still continue shooting as an amateur photographer. I think black and white photography is the best technique; it shows you the purity in people and in nature.”