Finally … summer is here with its long days. I apologize for the belated issue, but I hope the material will compensate for these few lost days. It won’t be long until the holiday season begins, a time when BLUR magazine is read the most. With this in mind, we have tried to provide you with content that will inspire you to make your holiday an active one.

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief

CLOSE-UP Matjaž Krivic, Slovenia

close up

“I search for moments that portray some beauty and emotion—often filled with silence and grandeur. Whether it is a face, a motion, a mountain, bridge, or temple.
I have never looked at photography as an industry, but purely as my passion and pleasure. As a professional, it is vital to me to keep the enthusiasm of an amateur.
I photograph genuine, pristine moments, never posed or fixed. Total respect for any individual or group is at an essence—my work is about capturing a true and natural beauty.“

PROJECT Tomoya Matsuura, Japan


“Living things eventually expire. However, this is never a terminus, but rather a stepping point towards a new beginning. This cycle exists in all things. This piece is based on the idea that human beings are but one part of nature.”

WET PLATE Shane Balkowitsch, USA


“It is my goal to capture as many people as I can in this process. Friends, family, loved ones, or complete strangers, it does not matter. I want to share with as many people as possible this beloved process that dates back to 1848. Wet plate photography was such an important medium for expression in the past and I want it to continue to be today. It has been said that “you do not take a wet plate photograph, it is given to you,” and this is so very true.“



“Over the course of two weeks in 2014, I explored Iceland through the Ring Road, which connects, from one settlement the next, the entirety of the Nordic country. I traveled alone with a 4x4, and would often wake up in the morning to surroundings that, due to the immensely diverse microclimates, looked and felt unrecognizable from the day before. ”

PLAYSTICK Robert Schneider, USA


“The images come from trips around New England as well as Texas, the Netherlands, and France. I work intuitively, responding to the language and geometry of the urban landscape. I am not looking to create accurate snapshots of my travels; rather, I rely on the randomness and unpredictability of my toy cameras and often decades-old expired film to produce abstractions of the real world, creating blurred, off-center, imaginary landscapes.”

PINHOLE Giedrius Petrauskas, Lithuania


I’m an amateur photographer working and based in Kaunas, Lithuania. This untitled pinhole series, which I started in 2010, is a project intended to examine how 20 to 30 years expired photo materials work, exploring the world through the pinhole in a melancholic and nostalgic way. I’ve also exhibited in a number group shows in Lithuania, Ukraine, and Scotland.

TETRA Boris Dumont, France


“Black and white photography is already a first interpretation of reality. Adding different filters to the lens allows me to create an intense climate and to accentuate the movement around the subject. ”

WIDE Graham Vasey, UK


“In my work I try to connect to the land and express an emotional response to the location, communicating to the viewer the feel of environment and the elements. This desire has driven me not only to explore the wild landscapes of the Northern Pennines near my home, but to travel to the far north of Scotland and Iceland.“

OPEN Lori Sapio, USA


“Her Voice” was created with the support of local Chicago-based models and makeup and hair stylists. It features period hair and makeup with dramatic bruising around each model’s face or neck. This dark, yet elegant work of art is intended to bring woman’s rights and voices throughout history through the present to the forefront.“

PROEYECT Kasper Kruse, Denmark


“No one home” is a photo series about sexual deviation. The series consists of five photographs, taking us through different mental phases of letting out an inner self, whose desires are not considered part of normality. The initial feeling of curiosity turns to lust turns to shame.