They say this time of year is the most depressing because nothing happens during the winter days. I don’t know if that’s true for our team, especially me; I’m not bored at all considering everything that must be done to post a new issue of BLUR.

As usual, we have prepared many interesting photos and some of them may raise your body temperature on these cold winter days. We strive to continue to be unpredictable and diverse, offering you inspiration so that depression stands no chance to survive.

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief

CLOSE-UP Alina Lebedeva, Russia


“Most of all I like interesting faces. I think every face is really unique. Body for me is a material that we can see in pictures. I’m not crazy about some special parts of it.“

PROJECT Sushant Panchal, India


“A woman who is beautiful from within. She is confident, she is a powerful energy. She can grab your attention with her simplicity and eyes. She doesn’t need any outer aspect to emphasize her beauty. For a change the ornaments are looking more beautiful just because of her.”

WET PLATE Quinn Jacobson, USA


“I invest a lot of time and energy in what I do. I opened the forum board over 10 years ago—it’s been non-stop ever since. Charles Bukowski, a famous American poet said, “Find what you love and let it kill you.” No, I’m not tired. This is my passion; you never tire of your passion. I do have some new objectives for 2015 and beyond—but I’ll keep going as long as people are interested in what I’m offering.“

INSTANTION Thomas Zamolo, France/Sweden


“Facing Destiny is an opening of temporal spaces, material and imagined. There is the material present: the space of the image and the figures represented. And the imagined future: a space not-yet-here that exists somewhere between the gaze of the individuals depicted, the lens, and the viewer. Predictions are produced by the subjects, which in their bodily presentness, are always unfolding and projecting towards a time in the horizon. In this series the figure is not represented as situated in the flow of time, but is the flow of time itself.”



“The project started in the mid 2000s with my extremely talented photographer friend Janet Penny. I had no experience with photography at the time, and she taught me to not worry about the mechanics, theories, and practices and to just go out and shoot. What better camera to start with than an old Holga? The website was born as a way to encourage practice.”

PINHOLE Attila Hupján, Hungary


“The images in this series are my favorites. I owe a lot to Zernikenek Au, who built the great Zero Pinhole cameras that I’ve been using for more than 10 years. I always carry them when I’m traveling, with no regrets. Some people may think I’m joking, but in the end it’s a good way of talking about the technique and making friends.”

TETRA George Digalakis, Greece


“I love water and it can be found in most of my photos, but it is never the main subject. I use the water and the sky as a canvas on which I place my subjects. They are the means through which I try to convey emotions and to balance the image.”

WIDE Eliot Dudik, USA


“My goals are to create landscapes that come alive with the acts of war, and cause, at least, contemplation of the nature of being American, to allow understanding, communication, and cooperation with fellow citizens. These photographs are an attempt to preserve American history, not to relish it, but recognize its cyclical nature and to derail that seemingly inevitable tendency for repetition.“

OPEN Inna Shimelmits, Israel


“People around the world use different kinds of devices to make the connection between themselves and their food. In my portraits I decided to review this relationship between the person and his food. By removing all dishes and cutlery I created an awkward meeting between the person and his food.“

PROEYECT Pascal Heimlicher, Switzerland


“Pascal Heimlicher is an international photographer based in Los Angeles and Zürich. He was born in Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland.”