The winter has arrived, the time in which we enjoy sitting by the fireplace with a warm drink and our favorite photo magazine.

Besides the fact that BLUR will shorten your long nights with this new regular edition, we are also creating a special free edition to join Santa Claus on his merry journey around the world.

We’ve had a wonderful time hanging out with you throughout 2014, and we’re already working hard to ensure the new year will be merry and creative just like this one.

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief

CLOSE-UP Jacques Beneich, France


“I’m trying to be as honest and benevolent as possible, trying to capture a sincerity I’m sensitive to or that I feel out of the models or celebrities people I shoot with. The best compliment I can get as a description of my photography would probably be: « There is something special there in this photograph...»“



"One day, I set out to find myself.
I have stripped out all the layers and walls I have built my existence up.
There I found this —
“the complete nothingness”
— so huge and overwhelming that I suddenly felt like I am going to collapse in any moment and never will I find myself again.
In the memory of that split moment, I created this project “The Frail Second.”

WET PLATE James Weber, USA


“I believe the things that you are passionate about end up being a kind of therapy for you. This is absolutely true for me and wet plate. It’s a joy, not a task for me. When you do something you love, great things can happen. So at the heart of it, I feel a connection with my work and subjects when I shoot in this wonderful process.“

INSTANTION Marisa Redburn, USA


“I began shooting large format in 2002, and this is when I first began to use Polaroid Type-55 film. This film has characteristics that are interesting to me. One of these characteristics being the positive’s delicate and transient nature. I found that if I did not coat the resulting positive with hardening fixer, it would decompose in completely unpredictable ways."

PLAYSTICK Rachel Winslow , USA


“The process of experimenting with different cameras and expired films has made the images I dream up become tangible. I like the unpredictability of using plastic cameras and expired film, mostly because the photographs can create surprising results.”

PINHOLE Ray Panduro, Mexico


“For me, pinhole photography is more than a black box with a pinhole to capture an image in a physical media, it’s a way to express my love for photography on my own terms and with my own camera designs.

A pinhole camera is like creating a real “time machine” that we can build without the complex electronics and is a simple old school way to understand how cameras work.”

TETRA Martin Rak, Czech Republic


“I have recently been more attracted to black and white photography, which, when combined with long exposures, allow me to drift away from the real world and realize my creative intention.”

WIDE Blue Mitchell , USA


“This work aims to inspire the viewer to reconnect with the power of nature, with a pinch of the mystic. The use of silver leaf and mixed media alters the nature of the two-dimensional photograph and creates a more all-encompassing experience.“

OPEN Kees Muizelaar , The Netherlands


“Like the entire Frisian countryside, Himmelum has to suffer its population leaving. The people are aging. Public services are disappearing. When they have grown up, young people move to the city.“

PROEYECT Aneta Kowalczyk, Poland


“I consider THE DOLL STORY as one of my favorite photo series for two main reasons. First, because it tells about the world that has always fascinated me—the world full of magic and mystery. It includes many elements, which I am keen on, not only in photography, but also in movies, paintings and books: fantasy and the imaginary world. I really love taking photos with a fairytale twist. The second reason is that my daughter Natalie was playing the role of the “doll.”