Our ship just got another brave sailor who’ll help us make our exploration of the infinite expanses of photography even more interesting. Michael Kirchoff is our new editor of two BLUR sections – Instantion, a section devoted to instant photography, and Wide, reserved for landscape photography.

Whenever we get a new team member here at BLUR we like to present him with his own body of photography in the section he’ll be editing, before he takes over the editorial baton. In this case, I’ve decided to showcase his excellent Polaroid photos in the Instantion section, leaving Michael to edit Wide in this month’s issue of BLUR.

I trust his impeccable taste will be as pleasing to you as it was to us here at BLUR! Michael, welcome!

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief

CLOSE-UP Oleg Oprisco, Ukraine


“We live in exciting times. Even using only one site you can become famous. There are excellent possibilities. Photographers and artists in the past had a much more difficult time showcasing their work.”

PROJECT Gavin Stokes, Ireland


"These photos were taken over a three-month period in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) in order to capture the way in which the citizens of Ho Chi Minh City (HMC) are at ease within their chaotic metropolis sprawl. Although there are many aspects of day-to-day life—like exercising, dancing, Tai Chi, family meals, or board games—which are actually carried out on the frantic streets of HMC, the ease with which the Vietnamese sleep, no matter what the location or time of day, for me captures their relationship with the city."

WET PLATE Robert Kenney, Canada


“Wet plate is of a different era, a different sense of time. Time slows. Sometimes to a meditative state. It has a pulse and rhythm all its own. It engages the maker and the subject. Ones presence is required. It is primitive and difficult, an authentic experience. Not easy to dismiss. What’s not to love? ”

INSTANTION Michael Kirchoff, USA


“It was difficult to understand the contradiction between the harsh ideas Americans had of Russia and the whimsical nature of what I was seeing on television. I now satisfy my curiosity by traveling there, and capture these dramatic scenes with the same feeling of wide-eyed wonderment I had felt as a youth, mimicking the visions of my earliest ideas of Russia.”

PLAYSTICK Nino Cannizzaro, Italy


“The idea behind the project developed some time ago, when I watched the Qatsi’s trilogy by Godfrey Reggio. I then modified my toy camera, a Holga 120, to make panoramic photos. In Unstructured_City, I superimpose, overlap, decompose and deconstruct cityscapes while I’m photographing. By doing this, I’m able give them another meaning and a different vision from reality, with the focus on the modern human being and his supposed progress.”

PINHOLE Jansen Tang, Singapur


“Using a pinhole camera (especially like the ONDU) is a visceral experience. One experiences an organic rawness, in a way that one subjects oneself to the vicissitudes of Nature. Francis Bacon’s “Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed” rings in my mind every time I load film...”

TETRA Michel Rajkovic, France


“There are places that carry you, lights that you freeze, and emothions that you feel. It is through a long period of research and location scouting that his work begins. Michel Rajkovic does not try to capture the landscape as we perceive it. On the contrary, patiently, with long exposure techniques, he invites time and chance to have their say. Giving great care to each composition, taking the necessary time to research and obtain the best conditions for shooting: time, light, framing, etc.

WIDE Christa Blackwood, USA


“a dot red, a series of hand-pulled photogravures, explores new perspectives on traditional genres and images found in landscape and portrait photography. By combining historical photographic techniques with more contemporary conceptual strategies, these works shift the focus of attention, and enable a reconsideration of its classical subjects.”

OPEN Nuno Horta, Portugal


“The White Wedding series is more an immersion in the universe perplexing, but always with the beauty present, and where the irony and humor also mark a space. This time, making it invisible not only the faces but also the bodies of two unlikely betrothed, a singular ceremony coming from a black dream photographed in white.“

PROEYECT Sara Stojković, Serbia


“The Old Northern Cemetery (Alter Nordfriedhof) in Munich enjoys a somewhat unexpected fate over the summer – people sunbathing, reading, hanging their hammocks or playing with their dogs among the tombstones.”