They say this is the warmest summer since we can remember, but I can just say I can’t remember a more rainy July in Zagreb. The sheer amount of moisture in the air isn’t the reason why we have that much Wet Plate photography in this issue of BLUR. The reason for that is the continuation of our “2014 Wet Plate Year” project. If that’s not your thing, of course, you’ll find a usually rich selection of other photography styles that should suit all tastes.

Whether you’re hiding from the sun, rain or snow, wherever you might be, BLUR hopes to inspire you yet again to pick up your camera and create. And don’t forget to send us your best work – we’ll be happy to share it with the world!

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief

CLOSE-UP Larry Woodmann, Italy


I love order. I do not like clothes all around the room or anything like that. Everything that distracts me from the subject or from the idea I have disturbs me. Like a chef in his kitchen, like an architect with a white paper on his designer table, or like a surgeon in an operating theater. Hey models, don’t be scared now, I am only very particular, not a maniac!

PROJECT Jamie Johnson, USA


I have been working as a commercial photographer in Los Angeles for more than 13 years now, specializing in children. I love my job! I spend my days rolling and giggling with all the children in Los Angeles, from the platinum pacifiers of Bel Air to the broken down tents of downtown. I feel very lucky and privileged to get to be a part of each of these wonderful little beings world, if only for just a few hours. The beauty and wonderment of a child is like nothing in the world.


wet plate

When I found the wet plate collodion process, I felt as if I had found something I've been searching for my whole life. It never dawned on me to look at what other photographers were doing. I was looking for something that expressed who I was and how I see the world. Whatever photography format you choose, I would suggest picking one that lets you create images the way you see them in your heart. Don’t pick one based on photographic trends.

INSTANTION Gerald Delvaux, Belgium


Instant power landscapes. Images from an ongoing project about various forms of power transmission installations and roadside construction in the landscape



I love instant film, cooking, gardening, and really great coffee. I live in Northern Utah with my husband, three kayaks, and more cameras than I care to admit

PINHOLE Steven Boelaars, Netherlands


With the 6x12 negatives from the Ondu, I really got what I was looking for —dreamy images but still sufficiently detailed. The process of making a photograph with a pinhole camera is liberating. You have to slow down: getting out your tripod, mounting the camera, framing the scene you are looking for using a self-made card with the approximate viewing angles, using a bubble level to get the camera level, determining the exposure time using a small Olympus XA as light meter, then finally exposing for several seconds up to minutes and sometimes even an hour ... Those long exposures also add to the ambience in the photograph and, on windy days, movement of the subject

TETRA Cees Maas, Netherlands


The main source of inspiration for me are the hundreds of great photographs. Every morning after breakfast I spend at least an hour online analyzing the work of the world’s best photographers. I am influenced by many of them, but mostly by Todd Hido, Toshio Shibata, and Michael Kenna

WIDE Ian Ruhter, USA


I honestly love making photographs. I also love the journey that goes along with making these images. The actual photo I create is only a record of this journey.

OPEN Anja Humljan, Slovenia


Urban Yoga is an architectural experiment focusing on an individual who is discovering and being oriented in the world through the senses. Urban Yoga is exploring the influence of contemporary cities on human life by raising questions about how the senses of touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing affect the way we feel in certain urban environments at certain times

PROEYECT Francesco Margaroli, Italy


NOWHERE. Places that don’t exist when they exist. Being fascinated by these places is mixed with the feeling of estrangement: urban familiar places that, however, contain disturbing elements.