Although we are at the end of the year, my thoughts have long been focused on the year 2014. Some might think that this year was easy, but that’s far from the truth. Besides the fact that the team was working hard this whole year on our new website, we have also put in some new content. We’ve increased our pace from quarterly to a bi-monthly release, and the biggest challenge was certainly the launch of our billing system, which required a lot of effort to make work perfectly.

But now that’s all behind us, and I look forward to finding the ideal balance of content that will make us much more than just a platform for downloading our magazine. I say ideal balance because it’s important not to overdo it in anything that might affect the quality of the journal our readers are accustomed to. Therefore, we are carefully working on new ideas that will close the circle by creating a format that should be the foundation of BLUR for the long run. I believe we are on the right track, but I will share the details with you in the year ahead. Let’s see this one out in a holiday spirit :) .

Happy New Year!

Your BLUR team

CLOSE-UP Evgeny Kolesnik, Ukraine


"I like challenges, and I think that facing them gives a photographer an opportunity to approach the reality of creating work. Of course, I am ambitious and want to move forward and never stop developing. I don't have an image that in my opinion is better. They are all different; each and every portrait tells its own story."

PROJECT Stephan Opitz, Germany


"I started to photograph architecture because I like clear shapes and structures. During that time I learned a lot about composition, light, and to be patient. In my opinion, it is important to visit photographic sites several times at various times of the day to get the perfect picture. But often when I a travel, I don’t have the opportunity to explore a site more than once. In these cases, I improvise."

WET PLATE Pawel Śmialek, Poland


"I stare at people all the time: in the subway, on the bus, on the street. Collodion captures the look, emphasizes their power. I steal a piece, and I put it on glass. I stare long and without embarrassment. This is my private ritual. Satisfying my curiosity. My obsession."

INSTANTION Katja Sonnewend , Germany


This editorial was produced for Swiss KINKI magazine in collaboration with New York-based stylist Travis Steele Sisk. We worked in a hotel room on the Lower East Side Manhattan. My work is always inspired by the absurdity of beauty and the fantastic magic of the human body. I love to create new unsettled but aesthetic creatures acting in the farcical situations of daily life.

PLAYSTICK Jose Madrona, Spain


My work is oriented toward photography with plastic lens cameras, lenses imperfect and not always clear, as well as towards experimentation with film and alternative photographic processes.

I also fabricate my own cameras and lenses with the purpose of finding artistic expression connected to onirism, the automatic creation, the simplicity of forms, and all that is fertile to live by within itself, with its own identity and personality.

PINHOLE Diane Martin Peterson, USA


"“My imagination fuels how I interpret what I see through the lens.” The pinhole images I make are shot with self-built cameras. Many of these pinhole cameras are less than glamorous creations, usually the result of trips to the local secondhand store or thrift shop, starting out as tins or boxes. If it can be made light tight, it will probably live a new life as a pinhole camera."

TETRA Laurent Miaille , France


"My work focuses on the passage of time and the transformation of reality through the use of long exposures. Landscapes become purified and sublimated, dreamlike. This transformation captures the beauty of the elements; a new world offers itself to us that is conducive to contemplation and meditation."

WIDE Srećko Jubić , Croatia


"All the credit for me now being in photography goes to a friend who wanted to take photos of the sunset when we went to the lake one day. When he finished, he gave me the camera so I could try to take some photos. The next day I went to the same lake with a camera that was purchased for family photos."

OPEN Julieta Benoit , Brazil


"Through the wings of images, I propose to give a voice to waters, bringing through the real and concrete space of the polluted reality of the world’s rivers the delirious Tietê, a river that laughs and cries death, life, and dreams."

PROEYECT Michael De Guzman , Philippines


"Mt. Fuji – Fuyō-hō (the Lotus Peak) a perfectly symmetrical cone that reflects beauty and is one of Japan’s holy mountains. It is a majestic creation of nature that has inspired artists and poets journeying to discover and understand its beauty. What makes Mt. Fuji even more interesting is that it is actually a three-layer volcanic mountain surrounded by many lakes"

PLAYSTICK supplement Fojo, Croatia


Is analogue photography superior to digital / smartphone photography, in your opinion? It is all photography. Whatever makes people think in a photographic way and drives them to go out there and take pictures is great. Photography is art, and art is not about rules and limitations, it's about freedom to choose your own way to make that art.

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