Finally, that day has arrived, BLUR magazine has a new website. Although the best experience of the site is provided on large monitors, the site is now responsive and can now be viewed on tablets and smartphones.

We tried to enhance or database to promote all published photographers at the highest level, so our pages are no longer just a platform for downloading our issues. With richer news, we are offering you a vote so that you can participate in the creation of these wonderful archives of all the photos published in Gallery 36.

I hope you like it and that we will communicate more in the future :)

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief

CLOSE-UP Aneta Kowalczyk, Poland

closeup - Photo Magazine - BLUR Magazine 33

“I agree with the words of Ansel Adams: “A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” I think it’s a great tool for expressing feelings, passion for the specific scene, person or place—our personal perception of the world.”

PROJECT Laurent Chechere , France


“He likes to explore cities, suburbs, country, as he likes to explore all fields of photography, from reportage to conceptual. From his interest in Paris, architecture, movies, reportage, and conceptual ideas, was born the “Flying Houses.”

WET PLATE Misha Burlatsky, Russia

Wet Plate - BLUR Magazine Issue 33

“We all know the expression: “I was born in the wrong time.” I think this saying describes us. Some cross-stitch, some make armor, and some photograph on wet plate collodion. Though in the case of ambrotypes and the other old photo techniques, it is the result that is important—the result with its inexpressible plastic.”

INSTANTION Kristen Perman, USA


“Shooting instant film is a practice in slowing down. Each frame offers an instance to mute my surroundings and focus my attention before me. Polaroid film is the instant motion of capturing a moment in time even as the moment carries on.”



“The Ocean Lifestyle is a collection of my everlasting search for niche areas of interest, eccentric personalities, and striking follies—all found where the land meets the ocean.”

PINHOLE Becky Ramotowski , USA


“It’s an eclectic mix, sort of like finding a vintage box of photos at a flea market that reach out and tug at you to take them home and piece together the adventure. I like the surprises and subtle nuances of daily living and don’t try to be anything I’m not. I’m just someone who truly enjoys making photos of moments I want to remember of my daily explorations and road trips to Texas and Utah.”

ANALOG WABI SABI Yuki Aoyama, Japan

wabi sabi

“My intention through photographic activities is to change our ordinary life into an amusing delightful world.

The subjects I always choose are those who are close to my life as friends, office workers, high school girls.

Through that, my approach rests on “the photograph persists in enjoying our ordinary life,” and I intend to express my works without forgetting the exciting feeling that I had when I started my photography.”

TETRA Andrey Belkov, Russia


“All works of the series Russian Winter are characterized by minimalism of means and profoundness of content. The simple work expresses bigger meaning. Neglected or destroyed structures, abandoned by people for the sake of a better life appear as a direct rebuke to all of us. Sometimes there is an impression that men not only care what they leave behind, they oppose nature.“

WIDE Olivier Du Tré, Belgium / Canada


“This collection started with my lifetime fascination with weather and summer storms. As a kid, I was the one who stood outside during electrical storms when all other kids where running inside scared.”

OPEN Marc Janks, USA


After three years in marketing and freelancing, he and his girlfriend decided to move to New York together. Having grown up shy, Marc grew up to be a pretty outgoing guy. To overcome the last vestiges of his shyness, he took his camera and started snapping pictures of strangers, which was the start of “Who Are You New York.”

PROEYECT Ellen Schinke, Germany


“The series I shot with wonderful alternative model Carlin is about a metaphorical blooming flower and her metamorphose through the year—from life to dying to death to decomposition. It’s supported by the fading colors of the flowers.”

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