It is my pleasure to welcome you to our e-zine dedicated to creative photography.

While launching BLUR several years ago, I was guided by the idea of creating a magazine focusing only on stunning, high-impact photography regardless of photographic technique and on its creators, the photographers. My intention was to use BLUR as a response to current photographic hyper-production and through it to encourage readers to reflect more on the images and to experience photography more profoundly.

Today, I’m glad to work with an international team of editors and collaborators who voluntarily support BLUR’s mission of promoting creative photography worldwide. Together, we use the free distribution advantages of the Internet to reach readers in more than 190 countries and to present to them the inspirational work of both prominent artists as well as less-known, but very talented, photographers from around the world.

I invite you to join us and enjoy the diversity of creative photography.

Robert Gojević | founder | editor in chief

CLOSE-UP Michel Lagarde, France

"... it is very hard to define my type of work because I'm combining many forms of art (design, painting), theater, photography, movies ... maybe I'm a director of photography."

PROJECT Markus Reugels, Germany

"My favorite genre is macro photography, especially high-speed photography, where I can show the beautiful things we don’t normally see or we are not able to see them with our eyes."

WET PLATE Alexey Alexeev, Russia

„It became more than just a hobby or a business, and when someone asks me, “Why do you make ambrotypes?” it is like asking me why I breathe or eat.“


“I love shooting people because you never know who you’re going to work with and what kind of mood s/he will be in. I love any subject matter I haven’t shot before; a challenging set-up is ideal, like 30 minutes in a cramped ugly hotel room, where I have to figure out how to make that work."

PLAYSTICK Ingrid Fenet Hillion, France

"I am inspired by everything I see! Scenes of everyday, and also through the Internet. I collect all of the photos I like. I often look at these photos, and they feed my inspiration again and again."

PINHOLE Maurício Sapata, Brazil

“I love shooting on film and taking my time to photograph. In my opinion, nothing will substitute for the feeling of loading a camera and carefully composing each frame. It may sound a bit cliché nowadays, but the “hands on” process is what really excites me in photography, especially when you're able to process your own film, and in some cases, produce your own emulsion.”

ANALOG WABI SABI Ryoko Fukuyama, Japan

„Wabi-sabi is an aesthetic principle, a notion that finds beauty in simple, imperfect and transient, impermanent things, and has its roots deep in the Zen Buddhist tradition and the principles I already mentioned in a previous installment.“

TETRA Ebru Sidar, Turkey

„My nature is to concentrate on only one thing at a time. This step has changed everything, including my lifestyle. I couldn’t say whether this was a spiritual improvement or not, but while taking photos, I learned that many things in life were temporary, and one can be happy not only by living but looking at something.“

MEET the... Mindaugas Kavaliauskas, Lithuania

"But, hopefully, the infinite quantities of photography will allow great works to shine among the multitude of dull ones, and ultimately, great photography will still be visible in galleries, museums, and photo festivals."

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