It is my pleasure to welcome you to our e-zine dedicated to creative photography.
While launching BLUR several years ago, I was guided by the idea of creating a magazine focusing only on stunning, high-impact photography regardless of photographic technique and on its creators, the photographers. My intention was to use BLUR as a response to current photographic hyper-production and through it to encourage readers to reflect more on the images and to experience photography more profoundly.

Today, I’m glad to work with an international team of editors and collaborators who voluntarily support BLUR’s mission of promoting creative photography worldwide. Together, we use the free distribution advantages of the Internet to reach readers in more than 190 countries and to present to them the inspirational work of both prominent artists as well as less-known, but very talented, photographers from around the world.

I invite you to join us and enjoy the diversity of creative photography.

Robert Gojević | founder | editor in chief

CLOSE-UP Mecuro B Cotto, Russia

close up

"In my opinion, composition and artistry is key. But as Robert Doisneau once said: “If I knew how to take a good photograph, I'd do it every time.” I think a photo can be unique by its artistic nature: specific structure, ambiguity, subject, action, etc."

PROJECT Laurent Baillet, France


"With the “Water Material” project, I tried to deal with a subject that's inherently quite simple (the water, the waves, and the ocean) in a somewhat different manner. I like the idea that even if I could find the same kind of waves everywhere in the world, and even if I use a similar process, the result will always be very different."

WET PLATE Sebastien Kohler, Switzerlande

wet plate

„I think most of the people who master a genre won’t tell you absolutely everything. What makes them masters is the experience and that’s not a secret you can tell. There will always be room for experimenting …as long as I live!
In some of the developer recipes for wet plate, some people use sugar (to slow down the process)! Now imagine how many other things you could add to experiment with the formula! Every plate is an experimentation.“


“Lately, I’ve been in this sort of instant film microcosm, where from the inside it feels as though there is this great momentum welling, and that we and it will have this triumphant renaissance. Adam Goldberg

"As he describes himself on his official website, Adam Goldberg is an American ‘actor, filmmaker, photographer, musician, Lamaze coach, and purveyor of fine meats.’ Few people could hold true to mastering every single item on that list and earn the right to be described as a modern renaissance man, but Adam is certainly one of them. There's not a single thing on his personal skill list one could not admire, but here we take a closer look at his relationship to instant photography, as well as his recent involvement in the Polaroid renaissance. Jennifer Rumbach"

PLAYSTICK Mery Adrian | Ute Kranz, Spain | Germany

"I love to create other worlds - impossible images. I like to create dreams. | Mery Adrian, Spain"

"I was introduced to photography in 2007 as I started traveling on my own through several remote countries. Three years later I developed my skills with analog plastic cameras to intensify the impression of world’s wild places by experimental double exposures and jazzy cross processing, which give them an absolutely unique touch | Ute Kranz, Germany."

PINHOLE Delio Ansovini, Canada


“I design and make my own cameras, or modify vintage folding cameras. This satisfies the engineer in me and offers some certainty that the tools will work before I commit to the creative part of the process.”

ANALOG WABI SABI Motoko Sato, Japan

analog wabi sabi

„Photography is one of the ways to look inside myself. I think the photographs of scenes that moved my heart, or those that I make in an effort to become better, reflect myself at that time.“

TETRA Red Ognita, Philippines


„There's something in long exposures that I find appealing. One is that you can essentially capture what is not immediately visible. I find placing a length of time into a single frame very attractive. It is there, but not there. Very interesting.“

MEET the... Joanne Junga Yang, Korea

meet the...

"Since the 2000s, photography has been going through a process of revolutionary changes due to the advanced digital technology. Now taking photographs is not the specialty it once was, but rather a normal part of our lifestyle. In fact, for many people it has become an integral part of their daily life. It became a socio-cultural phenomenon beyond its previous role as a medium of expression for recording or arts."

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