Dear BLUR magazine reader,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our e-zine dedicated to creative photography.
While launching BLUR several years ago, I was guided by the idea of creating a magazine focusing only on stunning, high-impact photography—regardless of photographic technique—and on its creators, the photographers. My intention was to use BLUR as a response to current photographic hyper-production and through it to encourage readers to reflect more on the images and to experience photography more profoundly.

Today, I’m glad to work with an international team of editors and collaborators who voluntarily support BLUR’s mission of promoting creative photography worldwide. Together, we use the free distribution advantages of the Internet to reach readers in more than 190 countries and to present to them the inspirational work of both prominent artists as well as less-known, but very talented, photographers from around the world.

I invite you to join us and enjoy the diversity of creative photography.

Robert Gojević | founder | editor in chief

CLOSE-UP Ruslan Lobanov, Ukraine

CLOSE-UP | Ruslan Lobanov, Ukraine

„In my photos, women look mostly as I conceive them. In most of my work, I'm trying to show that women undressed can be even more confident than women dressed. I think that clothes are not a fortress; strength should come from within.“


PROJECT | Matt Hoyle, USA

"Yesterday in America is a collection that Matt Hoyle has put together over the last few years to portray a bygone era in the US. Described by Matt as his most personal series to date as it attempts to depict and reflect on the America he knew as a child growing up. "Ironically, the memories aren't even from my personal experiences but are an amalgam of imagery from TV, movies, posters and stories that I have since romanticised were there."

WET PLATE Jean-Baptiste Senegas, France

WET PLATE | Jean-Baptiste Senegas, France

„I love crafts, rummaging, getting my hands dirty. With each picture I feel that I am creating something. I become a craftsman. Throughout the development, I am like a child in front of the Christmas tree. One never knows what he will discover.“

INSTANTION Emilie Lefellic, France

INSTANTION | Emilie Lefellic, France

„Basically, I think anything can become fascinating when captured on Polaroid film because Polaroid film takes every subject into another dimension: that of nostalgia, of dreams, of memory – maybe of the unconscious. What you shoot on Polaroid film just doesn’t look ordinary or “real” anymore, and that’s what fascinates me.“


PLAYSTICK | Bill Vaccaro, USA

„The biggest challenge for me is not quite knowing what I’m going to capture. Because the viewfinder only gives you an approximate idea of what you’re going to get, it took me a while to figure out how to compensate for the parallax error and, also, how to get the correct focus. And, of course, each camera is different.“

PINHOLE Patrick Caloz, Switzerland

PINHOLE | Patrick Caloz, Switzerland

“For me, pinhole photography is the ideal way to discover a city. I really see the city and absorb its atmosphere. What is interesting is that we are accomplices, my box and I. It only captures what does not move, everything else disappears to make room for the imagination of those who see my photos.”

ANALOG WABI SABI Shuji Hiramatsu, Japan

ANALOG WABI SABI | Shuji Hiramatsu, Japan

„I'm an art director of graphical user interface design for computers. I sometimes direct an animation related to it. I am creating something with "bits" in a clean room (computer) in my real life. But I began to feel that I'd like to make something with real, tangible things. Before I started shooting with film, taking photos (using a digital camera) had been a way for me to collect the texture materials for computer graphics. But now, photography is more than a mere tool for me.“

TETRA Leon Leijdekkers, The Netherlands

TETRA | Leon Leijdekkers, The Netherlands

„Every aspect of my photography is to ensure the simplest form and, at the same time, try to achieve the greatest expression possible.“

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