Maybe to someone it will look a bit ridiculous when I say that we in BLUR magazine strive to be like the Enterprise crew from Star Trek. As silly as it sounds, that’s the truth. On one hand, we like the idea of presence in an infinite space, in our case the cyber world, which allows us to collaborate with authors from all parts of world and to address to readers from around 180 countries. On the other hand, the crew of this spaceship was successful because the team consisted of people of different cultures and backgrounds. Therefore, BLUR magazine entered the 2011 with a bigger, multicultural team. In addition to the already well-known colleagues from Croatia, BLUR is now collaborating with Mark Sink from the U.S., future editor of Wet Plate, Jennifer Rumbach from Germany, future editor of the Instantion, Michael McAllister from the U.S., proofreader, and Jennifer Henriksen from Canada who has been editing the Playstick section from recently.

Given the aim of focusing more on the infinite space that the Internet technology enables, from next issue BLUR magazine will be issued in English version only. At this moment Croatian independent cultural scene is in a difficult stage and our statistics show that most of the Croatian readers prefer to download the English version, which is why we, until further notice, decided to suspend the Croatian edition of BLUR. We believe how most of our loyal readers from Croatia will not feel this necessary change, while our international editorial board will get more capacity to conquer the cyber world.

CLOSE-UP Ione Rucquoi, UK

"I find the term feminist difficult, as it is so loaded. I’m interested in the issues that cause women to be feminists. I mostly use women because I am female therefore my experiences are that of a woman. I wish to empathise, understand and relate to women’s plight, historically, culturally and the everyday."

PROJECT Nacho Rojo Reclarckgable, Spain

"Couples began as a simple portrait of me and my girlfriend turning into different kinds of people or social groups. At the beginning, we made 2 images and step by step, we began investigating a little bit more."


"The most exciting was several months later with my girl friend Kristen, trying our equipment and chemistry for the first time. It was with Lauren LW a celebrated Model Mayhem traveling model that was with us. It took me some time to pour a plate well. It’s like balancing a marble ball on the glass.. and moving it around."

INSTANTION Jennifer Rumbach | Ildiko Voros,

"To my mind one of the greatest advantages of Polaroid photography is the fact that the technique is reduced to the absolute minimum which brings the motive and the topic right in the centre of attention." Jennifer Rumbac
"I also am attracted to the small, “human” size of the images, a stubborn product in today’s world, where everyone wants it bigger and louder. With these Polaroids, I feel like I create a world of intimacy, imploring one to step closer and contemplate the delicate details often missed when viewing from afar." Ildiko Voros

PLAYSTICK Gordon Stettinius, USA

"Anywhere that I suspect people are having a good time or, in some cases, a meaningful time, I believe there are pictures to be made. I don’t have to necessarily be inside of or even agree with the nature of the groups in question. It is enough that they are in it together, and I find that interesting."

ANALOG WABI SABI Fuzuki,Yu+ichiro and Miki*, Japan

"Zen Buddhism is the origin of wabi-sabi aesthetics. Usually there are seven aesthetic principles involved, namely: kanso (simplicity), fukinsei (asymmetry or irregularity), yugen (profundity or suggestion instead of revelation), shibui (simple beauty), shizen (naturalness, unpretentiousness), datsuzoku (freedom from habit and formula) and seijaku (tranquility)."

TETRA Arnaud Bertrande, France

"He shows us the world which we can see ourselves, but in a different way, softly, full of magic and mystery. With his work where he uses long exposures, he opens doors to other worlds, where he wanders freely and offers us to join him in his travels."

WIDE Frank Sirona,

"Are you married, because I suppose your spouse has to be full of understanding because you are far away for weeks at a time?
I know what you mean – no, I’m not married, and I think at least photography wise it is a big advantage to be fully independent. And no one will call me crazy when I come back from a trip with one single photograph. I repeatedly have been to the U.S. with only one particular shot in my mind which could be taken only within a small window of time, usually a couple of days, since only then the light conditions are right. There are some cases where a photograph can be taken only on a single day of the year, since only then the alignment of the sun and of the rocks used as picture elements is perfect. Explain to your spouse, that for this particular photograph you need to travel thousands of miles and be away for a week or two..."

OPEN Mario Romulić,

PROEYECT Franjo Bahovec, Croatia

"The second round of photos by Franjo Bahovec, the amateur from Samobor, presented in the BLUR magazine includes the photos taken mainly in Samobor, and to a lesser degree in Zagreb. All the photos were originally taken as stereophotographs. The original stereo slides on glass have been preserved in the collection of Mr. Josip Horvat in Samobor."

Gallery 24

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