I am especially delighted with this because it meant no stress and last minute actions, which left us enough time to upgrade some things to a higher level. Still, regardless how good planner you are, there are always some unexpected rules of nature that influence the editorial and which can always destabilize a bit something that is patiently being built. Therefore, some actions that we undertake may seem as an analog photographing where you never know what the end result will be like.

CLOSE-UP Manuel Libres Librodo, Lambunao, Iloilo (Based in Thailand)

"The eyes are the window to the soul. Since I want to connect to my subjects and eventually my viewer, I want them to explore beyond the facade of the face. The eyes allow the viewer to have a peek into the inner character of the person, to fathom the sensibilities and intricacies of the human spirit."

PROJECT Tea Gabud, Croatia

"There we are, a dozen of us, gathered together to kill some chicken. I came just to observe and take photos, but still, I was quite involved. The atmosphere was cheerful, no doubt. The neighbours living close by came to help. It was an early morning, gray and dull. The “killing crew“ started with coffee and breakfast."

INSTANTION Ella Sverdlov - Keren, USA

I’m a person that like to see fast results, sometimes I even don’t have patie­nce. I prefer to make food, that doesn’t take too much time, but good quality.

The instant photography meets the needs of me. I love the quality of the print, the colors and the nostalgic look. But my favorite part in instant photography is the 3 minutes it takes to develop, I love the waiting, the changes it goes trough, this is the peak moment for me. Off course I can’t ignore the fact that it is sweet and sexy.

Polaroid takes me back to the classic painting, because of the colors but also because it is one of a kind, not like a film that you can make copies, Polaroid naturally is a one limited edition.

PLAYSTICK Jennifer Henriksen, USA

"In her self portrait work, Jennifer expresses her deepest emotions and dreams by striving to create unique perceptions of her inner self. A lot of her images are created by experime­nting with techniques, such as long exposures, motion blur, film grain and other in camera manipulations."

TETRA Max Katsen, Israel

I like to travel about the country a lot, I like to meet new people, to see new places. My wife and me, we go to a new place almost every weekend. It does not matter whether it is an old fortress, park, desert, sea.

Almost always, when I see some interesting place my imagination creates images that could complement this picture.

WIDE Tomislav Šmider,

"As there are probably well over a million photos of the Antelope Canyon, my goal was to constantly look at the motifs in a new way and constantly note light changing."

OPEN Sandra Vitaljić,

"I found it interesting to compare places which were monumentalized (like Jasenovac or Donja Gradina) to the Way of Cross which took the toll of so many lives. While mass grave sites were turned into monuments and have an air of peace and tranquility, the roads leading to them are still restless, filthy and full of horror. I hope all mass tombs will be explored and that the victims will find their peace. I also hope that the manipulations with the actual victim count finally stops - with all conflicting parties."

PROEYECT Biserko Ferček,

"For a couple of minutes, smile was glued to my face and the first thought to hit me after the initial shock had faded was: “These guys made a time machine!”

REPRISE Denis Gržetić, Croatia

"In the beginning, I was mostly inspired by photographs from “Life” magazine (unfortunately it stopped being published a long time ago), and surely my inspiration were H. C. Bresson. I also enjoyed film photography."

REPRISE Tatjana Krstić, Croatia

"Only with open heart you can take pictures of people and animals, simply jump into their being, literally draw your camera into their faces, jump into their auras with your wide angle lens, capturing a moment where you have met them for the first time in your life.

Each portrait is a world to itself, and there is just one universal rule that gives you freedom to feel it – honesty and love towards people. Simple smile. Kind word.

Taking pictures of people and animals is communicating with your heart. If there’s no this heart-feeling you will not find this sparkling life force. People can feel it. You can’t lie to them."

Gallery 24