In times when the crisis impacts all social levels and rarely leaves anyone unafflicted, BLUR magazine boldly goes forward. We decided to increase the number of pages, introduce more optimism, celebrate beauty and creativity and to deliver all of this to your home free of charge, no matter in which part of the world you live in. It only takes scrolling your mouse three times, clicking, and there we are :). We decided to talk less; i.e. to publish the textual content in an ideal amount, suitable for screen reading, and to provide more visual experience, while bringing more diversity by reserving space for different photographic styles and techniques.

CLOSE-UP Phillippe Marchand, France

Phillippe Marchand

"I am very flattered to publish a portfolio in Blur, it’s a magazine who is genui¬nely interested by the author. Open to new talents without discrimination. I think your questions to the authors are often very releva¬nt you really take time to analyse photographer’s work before, this is not the case with all magazines where issues are often formatted." I wish a long life to Blur-Magazine."

PROJECT Olivier Valsecchi, France


"The Dust series is a mix of birth and death alto¬gether where time doesn’t exist, or is redefined as a non continuous cycle. It’s like I have created a human cocoon and opened it to see what was inside. Each photo is a representation of this metamorphosis process. It was inspired by Ovid’s definition of Chaos, who describes it as the confused mass (light and darkness, order and disorder, liquid and fog) that exploded to give birth to the elements that it contained."

PLAYSTICK Olivier De Rycke, France

Olivier De Rycke

"Once I saw in a magazine holga pictures and fell in love with the process right away. When I found where to buy this toy camera, I started to shoot everything that appealed to me. The splashing colors due to light leaks revealed to me a world at the edge of reality, a world like we see in our dreams. Shooting with the holga camera turned quickly to be a joyful research that moves you away from the dull reality. Just like a therapy would bring you to a better life. Hence came the title of this work : TherapyH, where the H stands for Holga!"

TETRA Karmen Orlić, Croatia


I was born in 1966 in Pula. I live in Poreč. I have been into photography for 20 years now, equally using analog and digital. I am a member of ULUPUH (Croatian Association of Applied Arts) from 2009.

OPEN Milan Josipović, Serbia


The Zulu project came to life pretty much by accident in South Africa. In between two fashion shoots I took part in a performance by a group of young Zulu men and women, and was immediately impressed by their appearance and movement. After lengthy negotiation they agreed to be photographed for three days on different locations around Cape Town. And I had to pay them for their trouble as well. Nothing too much: 500 € for everyone. It was none the less a joy spending time with them and photographing them during those three days. I’ve grown attached to some of them. I used only one reflector (bounce) and relied solely on daylight. I find this to be an ideal way to conduct such shootings.

PROEYECT Jelena Blagović, Croatia


"In the photographic series Before Me, I question my own identity in relationship to my mother, by looking through very palpable material items – her love letters. I believe that reading others’ love letters is equivalent to a dose of uncivilized and voyeuristic behavior. But I also have feelings that arise from the expectations, the diverse texture of the letters, the smell of old things and the worn-out paper on which they were written. I am also fascinated by the fact they have been kept all these years."

PORTFOLIO Romeo Starčević, Croatia


"If we disregard hunters and poachers (I’m convinced there are not many of the latter), people in Africa have a special relationship with animals, a relationship we find peculiar. One early morning, while I was driving in search of lions, we came across a lost gnu youngling, roaming helplessly outside of the Massai Mare national park. In compassion, I recommended we catch it and lead it to the nearest herd, because I once learned that gnus take care of stray younglings that don’t belong to them, but the guide I was with refused and explained to me that this lost gnu has been predestined to become food for someone and that we cannot play god, cha¬nging the course of nature to our whim."

Wide Xavier Ray, France

Xavier Ray

Eclectic in nature, I work all photographic styles. My love for the sea and waterscape photography in B & W, guide my work to a photographic style format where the square and the long exposure became too obvious. I love working in this format, fitting length to give photographed landscapes another reality, another point of view ... mine. B&W photography is my primary mode of expression and it allows me to fully express my vision. Sometimes I do color photographs, but it remains quite rarely.

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