Blur magazine is proud to be an exclusive media sponsor of the ‘Impossible Project’. The magazine supporting and ‘celebrating’ artistic photography, it is always a pleasure for us to encourage such courageous and historically important undertakings which will, we are convinced, not only succeed but lead to a true cultural revolution in the world of photography. In this issue you can read an exclusive interview with Florian Kaps, executive director of the project, and find out all the facts related to the “Impossible Project” as well as how to contribute to its success.

CLOSE-UP Stanko Abadžić, Croatia


A lot of authors take to nude photography. What makes your effort different? The world consumes photography, but photography also consumes the world. There isn’t a single place on Earth where a photographer hasn’t set foot. In this flood of photographic images, it’s very difficult to present something new, authentic and your own. This is especially important for nude photography. Nudity surrounds us: it’s in the media, the newspapers and on newsstands, in commercials, on billboards, it jumps on us from TV screens. There are few products today that aren’t advertised using the naked female figure. I’ve tried hard to reveal my permanent inspiration with the female form to the observer of my photography. I’ve taken photos of women in such a way to present them as subjects, not objects of exploitation, as this is often the case with commercials and the media. I wanted to express my respect for them, to affirm the beauty and aesthetics of the body. In other words, I wanted to express the poetic image of the female body.

PROJECT Marianne Le Carrour | Andreea Anghel | Alessandra Lanzafame | , France | Romania | France

15 project

Let me introduce you to a very special project. It’s about some extraordinary women who speak of their souls using the camera. Thanks to photography we nowadays have the opportunity to use great instruments able to capture our secrets and peculiarities. For this reason people use their cameras more and more often just like poets used pens in the past.

This is a story of dreams coming to life. This is our story, a dance of souls.

INSTANTION Florian Kaps, The Netherlands


Who is we?

That’s me, my partner André Bosman, former production manager of Polaroid and now executive director for development and production, Marwan Saba, non-executive director of finance & legal - and most important our team of the most experienced Integral Film experts worldwide. 9 former workers of Polaroid in Enschede (NL) are developing the new film with us.

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Polaroids | Mare Milin
When I think about it, I know that is one of the best photo things that ever happened to me. From the moment when, with a specific buzz, it finds its way through the tiny passage in the camera, which kind of spits it on my palm, and I watch it as some kind of miracle, fading in gently. And I admire it for being so beautiful at all stages of the development, changing its density, colors and contrasts and then becomes something else. So human-like. Polaroid is being born, it comes to be, it fades, it dies.

History of the Polaroid | Ivan Zidar
His three year old daughter Jennifer asked why she could not see the photograph just after being taken. Land decided to please children’s curiosity and started considering many options while walking for an hour in Santa Fe.

Memory keepers | Isidora Vujošević
Hazy veil spread over Polaroid images captures the moment. It seems that memories are stronger with Polaroids.

Ivan Zidar was born in Pula, Croatia, in 1978. During high school he volunteered in production of Radio Pula programme. Between 1996 and 1998, he worked for Croatian TV studio in Pula and, since 2001, he has been in new media production. He is the owner of an agency for video production, graphic design and event management. During the last couple of years he produced numerous documentaries, promotional or experimental movies out of which the most recent one was shown in 18th Croatian Film Days. He mostly explores photography using Polaroid lenses.

PORTFOLIO Ana Lorencin, Croatia


I would probably describe myself as an author in search of strong details, or timeless angles. I’m fascinated by anything that’s black and white to begin with, anything mysterious, with a comic book touch to it. When I identify my motifs, I tell myself what I personally feel about them, and then transfer all those ideas into final post-processing, which is crucial in expressing wanted atmosphere.

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