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TETRA is a section dedicated to a specific type of photography: black and white, square-format images that are recognizable for their minimalism and high aesthetic value, often making use of long exposures. The section name comes from the Greek word for the number four, which symbolizes the four equal sides of the format.

Patrick Ems , Switzerland by Robert Gojević


“Entering the world of photography 15 years ago, I’ve noticed a strong change in my perception. Any kind of moment or impression—everything capable of being captured by photography—sparked my desire to catch it and let those experiences live on. Lead by emotions and haste, like a little child exploring a totally unknown world, there was no plan or vision for where this journey would go. ”

Nathan Wirth, USA by Robert Gojević


“Recently, I have been studying and integrating into my work Japanese traditions of Zen, rock gardens, and calligraphy—as well as the transience, impermanence, and imperfections of wabi-sabi..”

Nicolas Rottiers , France by Robert Gojević


“Nicolas Rottiers is a French graphic designer and photographer. Shadow and light inspire his stories in which time doesn’t exist. Black and white allows him to work with pure aesthetics and abstraction, to create a surreal world.”

Boris Dumont, France by Robert Gojević


“Black and white photography is already a first interpretation of reality. Adding different filters to the lens allows me to create an intense climate and to accentuate the movement around the subject. ”

Frodi Brinks, Iceland by Robert Gojević


“My name is Frodi Brinks. I was born and raised in Reykjavík, Iceland. I’ve always been interested in photography, and in 2010 I bought my first camera and started taking pictures for fun. And today it´s still just a hobby of mine; I just love being out in nature with my camera.”

“I always look for that drama and mystique that show the intense and strong landscapes that are all around us, and that’s what I try to highlight in my pictures.”

George Digalakis, Greece by Robert Gojević


“I love water and it can be found in most of my photos, but it is never the main subject. I use the water and the sky as a canvas on which I place my subjects. They are the means through which I try to convey emotions and to balance the image.”

Martin Rak, Czech Republic by Robert Gojević


“I have recently been more attracted to black and white photography, which, when combined with long exposures, allow me to drift away from the real world and realize my creative intention.”

Michel Rajkovic, France by Robert Gojević


“There are places that carry you, lights that you freeze, and emothions that you feel. It is through a long period of research and location scouting that his work begins. Michel Rajkovic does not try to capture the landscape as we perceive it. On the contrary, patiently, with long exposure techniques, he invites time and chance to have their say. Giving great care to each composition, taking the necessary time to research and obtain the best conditions for shooting: time, light, framing, etc.

Cees Maas, Netherlands by Robert Gojević


The main source of inspiration for me are the hundreds of great photographs. Every morning after breakfast I spend at least an hour online analyzing the work of the world’s best photographers. I am influenced by many of them, but mostly by Todd Hido, Toshio Shibata, and Michael Kenna

Marcin Jastrzebski, Poland by Robert Gojević


The entire “Lonely Landscape” series was recorded on analog materials, using long exposures. The series was produced between 2006 and 2008. The photos were taken by the seasides of Poland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

Steve Landeros, USA by Robert Gojević

“I am not much of a writer, so I express my interests through the images that I make. My intention with every photograph is not to convey the feeling I had at that moment, but to provoke individual thought. The images within this collection are tied to each other through the obvious black, white, and nine shades of grey, but the unseen is why I have selected them for formal presentation.“

Laurent Miaille , France by Robert Gojević


"My work focuses on the passage of time and the transformation of reality through the use of long exposures. Landscapes become purified and sublimated, dreamlike. This transformation captures the beauty of the elements; a new world offers itself to us that is conducive to contemplation and meditation."

Andrey Belkov, Russia by Robert Gojević


“All works of the series Russian Winter are characterized by minimalism of means and profoundness of content. The simple work expresses bigger meaning. Neglected or destroyed structures, abandoned by people for the sake of a better life appear as a direct rebuke to all of us. Sometimes there is an impression that men not only care what they leave behind, they oppose nature.“

Jeffren Mercader, USA by Robert Gojević

"Jeffren Mercader is a Los Angeles, California, photographer. Photography is one of his callings, specializing in long exposure black & white format. As a simple and self-taught photographer, he has been fascinated by the power of images. His images present an elusive and poetic visualization of a place, character, mood and emotion."

Ronny Ritschel, Germany by Robert Gojević

„The sea – on some days it was calm and quiet, on others it was energetic, throwing tons of water onto solid rocks. The sky changed rapidly from dramatic to peaceful. And what was very important, all of this could be enjoyed in a lonely atmosphere, with almost no people around. I concentrated totally on the Islands, on the energy they radiated and emotions they woke in me. I watched the sea. I watched the rocks. I watched their interaction.“

Alexei Krasnikov, Russia by Robert Gojević

„The sea – on some days it was calm and quiet, on others it was energetic, throwing tons of water onto solid rocks. The sky changed rapidly from dramatic to peaceful. And what was very important, all of this could be enjoyed in a lonely atmosphere, with almost no people around. I concentrated totally on the Islands, on the energy they radiated and emotions they woke in me. I watched the sea. I watched the rocks. I watched their interaction.“

Yury Bird, Ukraine by Robert Gojević

"Long exposures, sharp light transitions, meditative minimalism, and a theme of loneliness – all come together in my photographic style. I don’t have any heroes in photography, but I really enjoy the masterpieces of Ansel Adams, Michael Kenna, and David Fokos. In some ways, I could call them my teachers. I prefer works in black and white, but I also work joyfully with color as well. Photography is a lifestyle, a form of self-expression, and a meditation, while at the same time it’s sorrow and gladness."

Hengki Koentjoro, Indonesia by Karmen Orlić & Denis Gržetić

„I love heavy contrast with soft overtones. Normally a scene of extreme dark and bright is the one I’m looking for. On post I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to convert to black and white and accentuate the mood and atmosphere.“

Pierre Pellegrini, Switzerland by Karmen Orlić & Denis Gržetić

„Even for me, when I am relishing that moment and the camera is recording, the picture that arises is always an unexpected surprise. When you have some experience, it’s possible to imagine how it will be, but you will never be able to foresee the final result. There are no precise rules because the variables can be unforeseeable. It’s rather gestures that one learns with the time.“

Ebru Sidar, Turkey by Karmen Orlić & Denis Gržetić

„My nature is to concentrate on only one thing at a time. This step has changed everything, including my lifestyle. I couldn’t say whether this was a spiritual improvement or not, but while taking photos, I learned that many things in life were temporary, and one can be happy not only by living but looking at something.“

Red Ognita, Philippines by Karmen Orlić & Denis Gržetić


„There's something in long exposures that I find appealing. One is that you can essentially capture what is not immediately visible. I find placing a length of time into a single frame very attractive. It is there, but not there. Very interesting.“

Leon Leijdekkers, The Netherlands by Karmen Orlić & Denis Gržetić

TETRA | Leon Leijdekkers, The Netherlands

„Every aspect of my photography is to ensure the simplest form and, at the same time, try to achieve the greatest expression possible.“

Lionel Orriols, France by Robert Gojević


„My focus goes onto nature, ephemeral moments and the footprints of the human being on our nature. Long exposures associated with Black and White allow me to create timeless images, between reality and imagination. An oneiric vision, sometimes dark, it’s a wide mix of personal feelings that I try to reveal by writing with the light.“

Bruno Mercier, France by Robert Gojević

"In all of my photographic work, there is a certain prevailing theme which has
something to do with light, movement, and atmosphere. I do love playing with rhythms,
light, and lines. I often place landscape in the foreground, inside light, and compose space
from the running lines. A play of light and shade when light shines in darkness...darkness..."

Arnaud Bertrande, France by Robert Gojević

"He shows us the world which we can see ourselves, but in a different way, softly, full of magic and mystery. With his work where he uses long exposures, he opens doors to other worlds, where he wanders freely and offers us to join him in his travels."

Hakan Strand, Sweden by Robert Gojević

Hakan Strand

"First of all I am a photographer, but I also love to travel.
I find it easier to work when I am alone and away from home. When you are home there are always things that you must do and take care of. When I am away on a photo trip, the only thing I have on my agenda is to take photographs. That makes it easier to focus and conce¬ntrate on my work."

Alain Etchepare, France by Robert Gojević

On the photos of the project Cathares. In the memory of stones there are no people, just the landscape with the old ruins. Tell us something about Cathars and the time to which the ruins you photographed belong.

During the Middle Ages, Cathars devoted themselves to a Christian movement judged as heretic by the Catholic Church. They were grouped together in southern France (Pays d’Oc). In 1208, a crusade began against Catharism that would end with genocide, in the name of God… All these places I photographed, where Cathars tried to take refuge, witnessed this merciless cruelty.

Max Katsen, Israel by Elena Nikolaeva & Tony Mamić

I like to travel about the country a lot, I like to meet new people, to see new places. My wife and me, we go to a new place almost every weekend. It does not matter whether it is an old fortress, park, desert, sea.

Almost always, when I see some interesting place my imagination creates images that could complement this picture.

Karmen Orlić, Croatia by Robert Gojević


I was born in 1966 in Pula. I live in Poreč. I have been into photography for 20 years now, equally using analog and digital. I am a member of ULUPUH (Croatian Association of Applied Arts) from 2009.