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PROject is a section that presents a photographer through a series of photos united by a particular theme that works as a cohesive whole and is elaborated on by an artist statement.

Marco Onofri, Italy by Robert Gojevic


“The project took almost a year to be realized, it has been shooted around Cesena in north Italy, every session has been 2 hours long and involved people picked up from the internet + one model, every person who joined the project came to the meeting point wearing the same clothes as when they answered to the facebook post to join the project, and every model kept the same pose as the last picture they posted on they’re facebook pages.”

Anemites (Luciana Rodriguez), Argentina by Robert Gojevic


“It is a journey into an intense and dark, matted whirlwind, perhaps looking for compassion or empathy.”

Hans Parsch, Croatia by Drazenka Jalsic Ernecic & Robert Gojevic


“Parsch’s approach to the most iconic Croatian landscapes between 1900 and 1910 was on the edge of the common pictorialism and approaching modernism, but basically, it was his personal idealistic commitment to the honest, sincere, and basic affection for eternal environmental beauty and affection for the land.”

Tomer Tzvi Eliash , Israel by Robert Gojević


“My work explores the customs of the ultra-orthodox community during the holidays from a kid’s perspective. For the kids, the sacred ceremony is actually a big playtime. For the grownups, it is everything but play.”

Jane Long, Australia by Robert Gojević


“The Dancing with Costică series initially came about when I decided to brush up on my retouching skills. After finding the Costică Acsinte Archive on Flickr, I became fascinated with the images and their subjects. I wanted to bring them to life. But more than that, I wanted to give them a story.”

Damir Matijević, Croatia by Robert Gojević


“I love walking and observing life around me. It’s like nostalgia for the unknown; it is the joy of discovery. Our visual world is full of surprises; you never know what you’ll discover, and you can always find some emotional expression that will touch you or fill you.”

Tomoya Matsuura, Japan by Robert Gojević


“Living things eventually expire. However, this is never a terminus, but rather a stepping point towards a new beginning. This cycle exists in all things. This piece is based on the idea that human beings are but one part of nature.”

Luca Di Lotti, Italy by Robert Gojević


“The photographic series depicts some of those citizens in a manner to point out that they are the ones who are really taking actions to protect such important common good, making a symbolic reference to all the other citizens who are entitled to enjoy that site (until the City Council sells it).”

Sushant Panchal, India by Robert Gojević


“A woman who is beautiful from within. She is confident, she is a powerful energy. She can grab your attention with her simplicity and eyes. She doesn’t need any outer aspect to emphasize her beauty. For a change the ornaments are looking more beautiful just because of her.”

Htet T San, USA by Robert Gojević


"One day, I set out to find myself.
I have stripped out all the layers and walls I have built my existence up.
There I found this —
“the complete nothingness”
— so huge and overwhelming that I suddenly felt like I am going to collapse in any moment and never will I find myself again.
In the memory of that split moment, I created this project “The Frail Second.”

Gavin Stokes, Ireland by Robert Gojević


"These photos were taken over a three-month period in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) in order to capture the way in which the citizens of Ho Chi Minh City (HMC) are at ease within their chaotic metropolis sprawl. Although there are many aspects of day-to-day life—like exercising, dancing, Tai Chi, family meals, or board games—which are actually carried out on the frantic streets of HMC, the ease with which the Vietnamese sleep, no matter what the location or time of day, for me captures their relationship with the city."

Jamie Johnson, USA by Robert Gojević


I have been working as a commercial photographer in Los Angeles for more than 13 years now, specializing in children. I love my job! I spend my days rolling and giggling with all the children in Los Angeles, from the platinum pacifiers of Bel Air to the broken down tents of downtown. I feel very lucky and privileged to get to be a part of each of these wonderful little beings world, if only for just a few hours. The beauty and wonderment of a child is like nothing in the world.

Lionel Arnaudie, France by Robert Gojević


"Bronze” is my second series of photographs. It consists of 10 portraits depicting imaginary characters. For this series, I was very much inspired by bronze sculptures, especially by bronze busts.

Yusuke Sakai, Japan by Robert Gojević

"A Salaryman refers to a Japanese white-collar businessman.
Every day we have the blues.
The days that are busy with work continue.
My fatigue accumulates.
If the fatigue exceeds a certain threshold, however, I stop feeling tired.
What is it I am seeing there, feeling little upsurges of sentiment and comfort drinking a nutritional drink and striking a keyboard?
It is the world in my heart.
It is the world unrelated to daily noise.
I am looking at me in the world vacantly.
I am looking at me with no consciousness.
This work is the self-portrait that recorded the inside of my heart."

Hana Pesut, Canada by Robert Gojević


"Switcheroo is a dual portrait series by Canadian photographer Hana Pesut in which accomplices are photographed twice—once in their own outfits and again wearing each other's against the same background."

Stephan Opitz, Germany by Robert Gojević


"I started to photograph architecture because I like clear shapes and structures. During that time I learned a lot about composition, light, and to be patient. In my opinion, it is important to visit photographic sites several times at various times of the day to get the perfect picture. But often when I a travel, I don’t have the opportunity to explore a site more than once. In these cases, I improvise."

Laurent Chechere , France by Robert Gojević


“He likes to explore cities, suburbs, country, as he likes to explore all fields of photography, from reportage to conceptual. From his interest in Paris, architecture, movies, reportage, and conceptual ideas, was born the “Flying Houses.”

Erin Mulvehill, USA by Robert Gojević

“Underwater took place in 2009 in New York. The idea came to me in a dream, and I shot all the images in a studio. Effects that you see in the photographs were all done in the camera; no heavy retouching or effects were applied in post-production. I am a follower of Buddhist beliefs, and to me, these images really capture a transient moment in time and the idea of rebirth—everything is ever-changing and we are all ephemeral beings. Images from this series have been shown internationally in places such as the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.”

Francesco Romoli, Italy by Robert Gojević

"The jerk then takes on the meaning of change; a gesture of breaking that, for a moment, reveals ourselves or what we want to know about ourselves. It is not clear. It cannot be the rest. The border is extremely blurred. And so these grotesque images, are a parody of ourselves, of our attempts to look better or worse, and the ongoing effort to collide with reality and the ideal."

Mac Oller, Poland by Robert Gojević

"From the moment I released a shutter for the first time, photography to me became more than just a hobby. It is mostly an individual way of looking at the world, observing reality through the prism of frame and composition."

Julien Mauve & Pauline Ballet, France by Robert Gojević

"As we began imagining a mutual project, Pauline and I really wanted to create something special, which hadn't been done before... so we decided to write about the most common theme of the universe : love."

Neil Craver, USA by Robert Gojević

" This project is meant to be consumed with your emotions, and not simply perceived with your sense organs. I wanted a transcendental meaning behind them; not only with the use of chromatics and aesthetics. But with my intended focus be on the philosophical theories, I wanted a “subliminal composition” to create an under tow of messages to stress the strong influences of unconscious elements affecting and driving people's lives. With the creation of a strong undercurrent of incommunicable thoughts; this will be the stage for illuminating the subconscious intellect into absolute perception."

Gennadiy Chernomashintsev, Ukrain by Robert Gojević

"The idea for this project was simple! It was all about nostalgia. In my opinion, period between the 1920s and the 1990s was the golden era of photography; it was the time when photography was pure art. And not just for photography, but also for fashion. I tried to express this feeling of nostalgia with appearance, style, and location."

Markus Reugels, Germany by Robert Gojević

"My favorite genre is macro photography, especially high-speed photography, where I can show the beautiful things we don’t normally see or we are not able to see them with our eyes."

Laurent Baillet, France by Robert Gojević


"With the “Water Material” project, I tried to deal with a subject that's inherently quite simple (the water, the waves, and the ocean) in a somewhat different manner. I like the idea that even if I could find the same kind of waves everywhere in the world, and even if I use a similar process, the result will always be very different."

Matt Hoyle, USA by Ivana Krnjić

PROJECT | Matt Hoyle, USA

"Yesterday in America is a collection that Matt Hoyle has put together over the last few years to portray a bygone era in the US. Described by Matt as his most personal series to date as it attempts to depict and reflect on the America he knew as a child growing up. "Ironically, the memories aren't even from my personal experiences but are an amalgam of imagery from TV, movies, posters and stories that I have since romanticised were there."

Sacha Goldberger, France by Robert Gojević


Mamika is the continuation of the love story Sacha always had with his 91-year-old Hungarian grandmother, Frederika (Mamika means "my little grandmother" in Hungarian). Frederika was born in Budapest 20 years before World War II. During the war, she risked her own life to courageously save the lives of 11 people. A survivor of Nazi and Communist regimes, she illegally immigrated to France, leaving behind all of her belongings. Five years ago, with the aim of cheering up his grandmother, Sacha suggested they shoot a series of unique photographs.

Nacho Rojo Reclarckgable, Spain by Ivana Krnjić

"Couples began as a simple portrait of me and my girlfriend turning into different kinds of people or social groups. At the beginning, we made 2 images and step by step, we began investigating a little bit more."

Tamara Dean, Australia by Ivana Krnjić

Tamara Dean

"Ritual is a protocol, a guide, for that most fundamental of human needs: meaning.
But when protocol loses meaning, snubbed out by the distractions of life, it is merely repetition. Baptism becomes bath, marriage a party with rings. And so on the Western world ambles, away from what was once the light, out into the secular unknown.

One wonders, in this state, if bath can become baptism - if, on meditation, the mundane can take up meaning and repetition become ritual. This is the margin I seek to explore: the contemporary quest for purpose, rite in the Australian landscape.
Ritualism delves into the shared desire to understand our existence and our mortality, the purpose ritual holds in explaining moments of life, to mark them and imbue them with meaning."

Martina Kenji, Croatia by Robert Gojević

"I was thrilled to hear about the upcoming ‘Dancing in the street festival’, the big street party in the center of Zagreb, during which the city becomes one, joined in music and dance. And thus Zagreb became a big dance floor, from Tkalčićeva, over the Ban Jelačić square, all the way to Zrinjevac and Cvjetni square. It all looked fantastic, the whole city was full, and everyone was happy and dancing. There was this beautiful positive energy and the vibes of good music from all sides. Somehow we hoped that the forecasted rain would not fall, but in the evening it started raining, and all the merry dancers got wet.... but, this is precisely when the real magic started happening... no one ran away, some did hid, but for some this was the right moment to give it their best, and show it through dance... all of us wa­tching were fascinated and thankful for that wonderful moment and the bliss which we shared."

Tea Gabud, Croatia by Robert Gojević

"There we are, a dozen of us, gathered together to kill some chicken. I came just to observe and take photos, but still, I was quite involved. The atmosphere was cheerful, no doubt. The neighbours living close by came to help. It was an early morning, gray and dull. The “killing crew“ started with coffee and breakfast."

Olivier Valsecchi, France by Ivana Krnjić


"The Dust series is a mix of birth and death alto¬gether where time doesn’t exist, or is redefined as a non continuous cycle. It’s like I have created a human cocoon and opened it to see what was inside. Each photo is a representation of this metamorphosis process. It was inspired by Ovid’s definition of Chaos, who describes it as the confused mass (light and darkness, order and disorder, liquid and fog) that exploded to give birth to the elements that it contained."

Mario Leko, Croatia by Robert Gojević


I would like to be a silent observer but my presence is so loud and still not enough, I need people, friends, lovers: I want them to be part of my ideas, ideas that I have about them. I want to shut down “life” for a moment; I`m not trying to document the reality, I`m trying to document an illusion or, paradoxically – “a feeling”; the other rather rarely shows up on negatives because it depends on what cannot be captured, and what forces me to be the hunter.

Marianne Le Carrour | Andreea Anghel | Alessandra Lanzafame | , France | Romania | France by Loredana Guinicelli

15 project

Let me introduce you to a very special project. It’s about some extraordinary women who speak of their souls using the camera. Thanks to photography we nowadays have the opportunity to use great instruments able to capture our secrets and peculiarities. For this reason people use their cameras more and more often just like poets used pens in the past.

This is a story of dreams coming to life. This is our story, a dance of souls.