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PROEYECT is a little brother to the PROject section. Its purpose is to present mini projects, i.e. sets of photos, which are too few to included under PROJECT, but by their quality, unified theme, and story, deserve collective publication. Photographers often tell a kind of story through several photos, and this is the place for such stories. The number of photos is not a primary concern, so in this section, we may publish several unrelated stories.

Yucel Basoglu , Switzerland/Turkey by Robert Gojević


“I’ve been interested in photography since childhood. Long-exposure black and white photography was not very popular in my country, so I haven’t been able to do it professionally. I still continue shooting as an amateur photographer. I think black and white photography is the best technique; it shows you the purity in people and in nature.”

Nikola Čubrilo, Serbia by Robert Gojević


“In this project I tried to visualize this. I created her before and after Pluto took her. The black and white portrait represents her as a pretty young girl, and the cool and warm tones of the second photo represent the change in her life and the change of the seasons.”

Kasper Kruse, Denmark by Robert Gojević


“No one home” is a photo series about sexual deviation. The series consists of five photographs, taking us through different mental phases of letting out an inner self, whose desires are not considered part of normality. The initial feeling of curiosity turns to lust turns to shame.

Pascal Heimlicher, Switzerland by Robert Gojević


“Pascal Heimlicher is an international photographer based in Los Angeles and Zürich. He was born in Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland.”

Aneta Kowalczyk, Poland by Robert Gojevic


“I consider THE DOLL STORY as one of my favorite photo series for two main reasons. First, because it tells about the world that has always fascinated me—the world full of magic and mystery. It includes many elements, which I am keen on, not only in photography, but also in movies, paintings and books: fantasy and the imaginary world. I really love taking photos with a fairytale twist. The second reason is that my daughter Natalie was playing the role of the “doll.”

Sara Stojković, Serbia by Robert Gojevic


“The Old Northern Cemetery (Alter Nordfriedhof) in Munich enjoys a somewhat unexpected fate over the summer – people sunbathing, reading, hanging their hammocks or playing with their dogs among the tombstones.”

Francesco Margaroli, Italy by Robert Gojević


NOWHERE. Places that don’t exist when they exist. Being fascinated by these places is mixed with the feeling of estrangement: urban familiar places that, however, contain disturbing elements.

Tamas Andok, Hungary by Robert Gojević


The photos of Wizards of Autumn are inspired by two things. The first is my homeland, a mountain range and wooded landscape in Hungary called Mecsek. I spent a lot of time in this region, had some great adventures in summer or in the knee-deep snow, or just went out before dawn, as well as hiking and walking in the forest. For a long time, I wanted to visualize some of these dark, mysterious and wonderful feelings, which I’ve often felt there.

Lara Zankoul, Lebanon by Robert Gojević


"From estrangement to the growth of life, Zankoul’s images encapsulate the spectrum of human emotions. In lighter moments, Zankoul’s models appear in ballerina tutus and flowing dresses, which due to being submerged underwater, have a greater billowy, lighthearted visual effect. Those approaching darker subject matter reference paranoia, human propensity to mask lies, betrayal and manipulation, and the trials of those struggling to find their voice."

Eran Gilat , Israel by Robert Gojević


"In recent years, I found myself directing most of my attention and energy to still life photography of biological specimens, highly inspired by my long-lasting confrontation with biological tissues and natural fauna. It takes a while for a young clinician or researcher to accommodate the laboratory or hospital scenes to enable good performance. This is done by extensive training; some cannot adjust to the visuals. I feel my photographic activity carries me to these regions too. My photographic activity deals with the aesthetics of the scene, improvising various contexts. The tools and paraphernalia shown are not just the typical ones used in the operating place."

Michael De Guzman , Philippines by Robert Gojević


"Mt. Fuji – Fuyō-hō (the Lotus Peak) a perfectly symmetrical cone that reflects beauty and is one of Japan’s holy mountains. It is a majestic creation of nature that has inspired artists and poets journeying to discover and understand its beauty. What makes Mt. Fuji even more interesting is that it is actually a three-layer volcanic mountain surrounded by many lakes"

Ellen Schinke, Germany by Robert Gojević


“The series I shot with wonderful alternative model Carlin is about a metaphorical blooming flower and her metamorphose through the year—from life to dying to death to decomposition. It’s supported by the fading colors of the flowers.”

Lee Connor, Scotland by Robert Gojević

„The Artists’ project allowed me to explore many different subjects, such as portraiture, still life, location, and reportage photography. I specifically chose a brief to challenge myself, aiming to produce images from a range of photographic areas. The project has provided me with photographs that are engaging and interesting to look at. Each artist allowed me to control the outcome of the photographs and to portray the way in which I saw their individual personality and painting style. I enjoy getting to know like-minded people and discussing art as a strong form of visual communication.“

Kristianne Koch, USA by Robert Gojević

„My photography explores emotion and spirituality based in reality. I make photographs that express a de¬votion to family, explore the struggle between vulnerability and capability, and illustrate high regard for the natural world. I am an environmentalist, a romanticist and a minimalist. I try to control every detail in my images, yet I am perpetually drawn to the impreciseness and uncertainty of slow shutter speeds, alternative processes, instant film and underwater photography.“

Zoltan Bekefy, ... by Robert Gojević

„I have been tirelessly exploring scenes of nature near and far, trying to capture those magical moments and transform them into eternal art. Now I am devoting my passion to landscape photography. My photography focuses on grand landscapes of oceans, skies, and mountains as well as fine natural substances. My ultimate goal is to capture the true beauty of nature around us.“

Simon Lalia, Germany by Robert Gojević

"The last meal is a customary part of a condemned prisoner's last day."

Paolo Roversi, Italy by


„I don’t care if the print is digital or analog; what disturbs me is that you can't touch photographs anymore. I don't like that. I don't like images floating on the screen; they look very different from those on paper. For me, a photograph is an object that you should hold in your hand to look at.“

Franjo Bahovec, Croatia by

"Whether locally or globally, the images (or more precisely stereo slides), which belong to the legacy of the member of the Samobor “bourgeoisie”, Franjo Bahovec, are simply full to the brim of life. This amateur “captures“ with almost cinematic speed the life that escapes the eye, but not the camera. The technology of the cameras of the time enables him to incorporate the dynamic of movement into his images, whether it is the gracious movement of the local female tennis player or the leisurely winter activities of the local gentry."

Franjo Bahovec, Croatia by

"The second round of photos by Franjo Bahovec, the amateur from Samobor, presented in the BLUR magazine includes the photos taken mainly in Samobor, and to a lesser degree in Zagreb. All the photos were originally taken as stereophotographs. The original stereo slides on glass have been preserved in the collection of Mr. Josip Horvat in Samobor."

Franjo Bahovec, by

Franjo Bahovec

"Three years ago, Croatian photography became richer for the unique work of Franjo Bahovec which was discovered by Mr. Josip Horvat, a local collector of antiquities, and first presented to the public by an adviser of the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb, Mrs. Marija Tonković.

Franjo Bahovec was a successful businessman from Samobor, a small town in Croatia, and a passionate amateur photographer. Due to his wealthy position, enabled by his job, Bahovec had the opportunity to capture different moments through stereography, at that point, in the late 19th and early 20th century, a new medium of photography. This photography technique was capturing images on glass which, when viewed through a stereoscope, resulted in an optical illusion and turned into a 3D experience.

Collection of Franjo Bahovec is truly versatile. In it, you can find cities like New York, Vienna, London, Prague, Trieste, Samobor and Zagreb, as well as stories from his intimate life such as family, sports and romantic moments. Because of its documentary and artistic value, it is indisputable the importance of this photography collection to the Croatian heritage." Želimir Koščević

Biserko Ferček, by

"For a couple of minutes, smile was glued to my face and the first thought to hit me after the initial shock had faded was: “These guys made a time machine!”

Jelena Blagović, Croatia by Robert Gojević


"In the photographic series Before Me, I question my own identity in relationship to my mother, by looking through very palpable material items – her love letters. I believe that reading others’ love letters is equivalent to a dose of uncivilized and voyeuristic behavior. But I also have feelings that arise from the expectations, the diverse texture of the letters, the smell of old things and the worn-out paper on which they were written. I am also fascinated by the fact they have been kept all these years."