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We defined 12 columns of BLUR magazine to promote creative photographers of all styles, themes and techniques. Some columns are strictly defined with its technique, and some are completely flexible, enabling us to have freedom in apparent restrictions to make our magazine recognizable, clear and pleasing to the eye.

We want to emphasize how special each column is because of its editor. The editor has a certain freedom in the choice of the author, which gives hers/his stamp to each column. This is clearly evident in our web pages dedicated to each individual column that provide an insight into the chronological order of publication, showing how our editors have changed over the years. In addition to the occasional changes of editorial structure, which always keeps BLUR fresh and contemporary, we are also flexible when it comes to the introduction of entirely new columns and the retirements of the old ones. As with the rest of the BLUR philosophy, the only way to maintain a high level of quality is to keep changing to better understand photography itself.

Do you see yourself as an editor or assistant editor of a column? Please feel free to contact us via our contact form. Our ambition is to bring together high-quality editors in order to tell as much beautiful stories as we can, using as many viewfinders as possible.


Before you send us a proposal to publish your photos in our magazine, please read some very important information on our terms and conditions that you need to agree with in order to be considered for publication in BLUR.

For starters, we would like to point out the most important thing; the COPYRIGHT. BLUR is a magazine which respects the authors, their creativity and their copyright as important aspects in our promotion of photographic art. The author does not in any way release or give up their copyright by publication in BLUR magazine, neither will their photos be used for any other purpose except for publication in the magazine and the promotional materials related to the magazine (YouTube clips, Facebook announcements, etc.). Any other possible use of the material is first discussed with the author on a case-by-case basis, and is subject to the author’s prior written approval.

Other than being published in our PDF magazine, some photos might appear as BLUR promotional material on our Facebook page, in our promotional YouTube videos, in our online digital previews (ISSU) and other similar channels. Some photos may be re-used for special or print editions. All such use is directed solely to advertise BLUR magazine and reach wider audiences for your art. Additionally, your photo never appears without your artist information (except sometimes in the YouTube video due to production/editing reasons).

The main technical requirements for publishing photos in our magazine are as follows:

RESOLUTION | all photos are published in 72 dpi, 1500 pixels at the photo’s longest side, without watermarks and frames.
COLOR PROFILE | photos must be in RGB. We never change the color profile and do not process incoming images. We publish them just as we have received them from you.
PHOTO FORMAT | all photos must be JPEG encoded.
HIGH RESOLUTION EDITORS’ PICKS | a condition for publication of any author are two photos of our choice delivered in high resolution (300 dpi / approx. 50 cm). The reason for this requirement is that we need high resolution material in the production of promotional tools of BLUR magazine (YouTube videos, high-resolution magazine covers for advertising, high-resolution cover prints on events and exhibitions, etc.). Also, we’re in the process of preparation of the BLUR book, a book of all authors published in BLUR in a certain period. It is important to point out that none of those photos will ever be used without attribution (clearly showing the names of the authors) and are never passed on to a third party.

It is not superfluous to note that all photos published in BLUR magazine are digitally locked for security reasons so that they could not be subsequently edited.

BLUR magazine is not obliged to inform the authors by e-mail if we are not interested in publishing their suggestions. Since we receive a lot of suggestions all across the globe, and our team is relatively small with tough deadlines to meet, we try to focus our communication exclusively on the selected authors in order to ensure the highest quality of our publication. This is also the reason why we often collect and prepare materials in advance, even a few issues ahead, so please be aware that if we like a suggestion, this does not necessarily mean an immediate release in the next few issues.

The authors will receive, well before the publication of the next issue of BLUR, preliminary insight to the usage of their work via a test PDF copy of their article, and will be asked to authorize it. However, minor subsequent changes in the text or photography layout will not be re-authorized, as the main point of the authorization process is the reduction and/or elimination of any potential errors caused by the editorial process.

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