Photo of the month | April | Editors' Choice

Alexey Frolov

For making this photograph I used a camera Canon EOS 450D with a camera lens Canon EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS. Camera characteristics: ISO 100, aperture — f/10, shutter speed — 1/125 secs, focal length — 36mm. The shooting took place in a studio with a black paper background. Studio equipment was two monolights Rekam Master 600. As the key lighting I used a beauty dish 56cm, which was directed with an angle on a model. The second monolight stood behind my back with an octabank 120cm and provided fill lighting. The model made a low hair bun, then I threw translucent fabric on her and made a shot. The photograph processing was in Adobe Photoshop CC. The basic tool I used was Dodge and Burn. With its help I retouched and redrew the lighting at some places of the photo.

Author: Alexey Frolov
Country: Russia
Photo: Faded out

Issue: BLUR 36

Photo of the month | March 2014 | People's voice

Irving S. T. Garp

“Sushi” is part of a serie entitled “Hidden Portraits”. In “Hidden Portraits”, the model has been asked to disclose her nudity and “hide” her face in an original way. ”Hidden Portraits” has been selected at the “Festival Européen de la Photo de Nu à Arles” (France – May 2014)

Equipment : Canon 5D Mark II – Flash Speedlite 580 EX II

My photographic alias is Irving S. T. Garp in reference to John Irving’s novel The World According to Garp.

Author: Irving S. T. Garp
Country: Belgium
Photo: Sushi

Issue: BLUR 36

Photo of the month | February 2014 | Editors’ Choice

Yana Bardadim

Model: Giannina, Frame Models, NY,

This photo was taken in NY, with Nikon camera and Nikkor lenses , with natural light, it was a very spontaneous shoot, no stylists or make up artists, just me and Gia.


Author: Yana Bardadim
Country: USA
Photo: Giannina

Issue: BLUR 35

Photo of the month | January 2014| People's Voice

Sander van Laar

Where: “Steamfun” is made in a little studio in Almere , Netherlands (nearby Veenendaal), by a great friend.
It is my first high fashion shoot for steampunk magazine 2011. I put a smokemachine into his jacket and let the game begin :D. When I watch this picture I always have fun with it because the smoke in his jacket was so hot!

Model: Perry Mulder.
Make-up: Ashley Wolters.
Equipment: Canon 40D | F11 | Iso 400 | 1/200 Studiolight information.

Author: Sander van Laar
Country: Netherlands
Photo: Steamfun

Issue: BLUR 35

Photo of the month | December | Editors' Choice

Felicia Simion

The photo was taken one year ago somewhere in the Carpathian mountains of Romania. I used a Canon 7D with a 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lens and the help of two other persons to hold the chair and help with the camera. It was later edited in Photoshop CS3.

Author: Felicia Simion
Country: Romania
Photo: Boundless

Issue: BLUR 34

Photo of the month | November| People's Voice

Arina Borodina

Taking with Nikon D700 and 50mm 1.4 all natural light with no reflectors
Where: Santiago Canyon , California
When: August 2013
Who: My friend Harmony Dara / Make up done by Amanda Harris
Edit: I used Photoshop to convert photo to black and white and Curves to achieve particular darkness in photo, used burn tool to darken her make up and couture of her face , and after image was done I added grain on top of the photo to achieve film effect.

Author: Arina Borodina
Country: United States
Photo: My solitude

Issue: BLUR 34

Photo of the month | October | Editors' Choice

Josipa Bjelobrk

The photo “Vizija (vision)” was created in hidden passage in the woods which I passed through for years, gathered visions for years, and one stopped moment enabled me its perpetuation. Girl in the white dress (Nikolina Matičević) is the ruler of that space that connects my imagined and experienced reality. Used Canon 450d camera, with 50mm f/1.4 Canon lens.

Author: Josipa Bjelobrk
Country: Croatia
Photo: Vision

Issue: BLUR 33

Photo of the month | September | Editors' Choice

Babak Fatholahi

My own method in photography Is techniques Classical portrait painters and the most of my ideas are Taken from the Music , Movies and Novels Book. The picture “Isobel ” was taken in Tehran , Iran . July 12th 2013 . Used Canon 60D camera, with 85mm f/1.8 Canon lens. Model : Parisa

Author: Babak Fatholahi
Country: Iran
Photo: Isobel

Issue: BLUR 33

Photo of the month | August | Editors' Choice

Edvin Kalic

Judith is an expressive portrait, featuring the model Lejla Alagić. It depicts beauty and elegance touched by motives of suffering, religion, belief and disbelief.It was taken in Sanski Most, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Visually, the plan was to achieve both elements of timelessness and a slight touch of post-modernism.

Author: Edvin Kalic
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Issue: BLUR 32

Photo of the month | July | Editors' Choice

Anastasiia Sapon

It was shoot Spring 2013 in California USA, model Elena Zhukova. It was taken with Canon Mark 3, 24 mm lens, and underwater cover outex

Author: Anastasiia Sapon
Country: USA
Photo: Elena

Issue: BLUR 31

Photo of the month | June | Editors' Choice

Ingetje Tadros

“Baba Mehand Bidjegri is a Naga Sadhu, aged 43 yrs old. Born in Kolkata of the Atjaria Caste (Braham) which is a high caste, his father was a Sadhu and all male members in his family are Sadhus. Baba G as he calls himself is celebate and vowed to leave everything but mentioned he has no objection to alcohol and drugs. Baba G lives everywhere and has no belongings, he moves around all the time and as a child ( 9 yrs.) he did the ‘childroute’ and lived in various Ashrams where he learned to read and write while his family supported him. The only thing he always carrys with him is a plastic bag with Babud (human ashes) which he rubs over his whole body to protect him from the cold.

In Hinduism, Sadhu means a good man, a holy man, a wondering monk. Most Sadhus are yogi’s but not all yogi’s are Sadhus. The Sadhu is solely dedicated to achieving liberation, the fourth and final ‘asrama’ (stage of life), through meditation and contemplation. Sadhus often wear saffron-colored clothing, symbolizing their ‘sanyasa’ (reincarnation).” – Ingetje Tadros

Author: Ingetje Tadros
Country: Australia
Photo: The Sadhu

Issue: BLUR 31

Photo of the month | May | Editors’ Choice

Carmelita Iezzi

From the series “My little infinite world” inspired by the book of Richard Bach the Seagull Jonathan Livingston and from the dream of my little son.

Location: Island of Zakynthos (Greece)
Subject: child and landscape
Equipment: Nikon D5000, Lens Nikon 18 mm

Author: Carmelita Iezzi
Country: Italy
Photo: Looking over

Issue: BLUR 30

Photo of the month | April | Editors' Choice

Sandra Strazdaite

The picture ,,To listen,, was taken in Vilnius, Lithuania. February 8th. Used Pentax K-5 camera, with 30mm f/1.4 Sigma lens. Model: a young ballerina Brigita Misiūtė. Post processed colors, contrast, brightened lights, and wall was replaced with vine creepers.
Sandra Strazdaite

Author: Sandra Strazdaite
Country: Lithuania
Photo: To listen

Issue: BLUR 30

Photo of the month | March | Editors' Choice

Migle Golubickaite

Model in the image: Jevgenij Balezin
Photo taken with: Canon 600D and Canon 50mm 1,4 lens
Photo taken in place: Kaunas, Lithuania in the end of December, 2012
Photographer: Migle Golubickaite
Short process description: Shot was done in the middle of the day, in Kaunas, in the middle of the city centre we found small park, so I asked the model to hide behind the spruces. So the direct sun light lightened only the part of the face, and to make a shot darker I did the post production with photoshop, added some contrast and softened the shadows to make the photo look like vintage and as an accent I did a red colour leak. That’s how the model became the hunter :)

Author: Migle Golubickaite
Country: Lithuania
Photo: The Hunter

Issue: BLUR 29

Photo of the month | February | Editors' Choice

Arcadius Mauritz

Shot in may 2011, with canon 40D, sigma 17-79 lenses, using one studio flash light with silver umbrella
Styling : second-hand dress, tights cut in half and old beret of my grand-father
Model : Eldanii

Author: Arcadius Mauritz
Country: Poland
Photo: Resistance

Issue: BLUR 29