vox-populiThe world of photography is full of subjective and endless discussions: black and white or full color photography, filters or without, digitally processed or a set of harmonized settings, analogue or digital film… One could go on forever. And, of course, there is personal experience behind every answer, as well as personal experience, emotional attachment, but also rational argumentation.

We would like to know about your thoughts and opinions. We plan to present a new theme, a new question in every issue, and you can send us your statements and explanations that support these or otherwise via e-mail or by using contact form. We will publish most interesting answers in our next issue.

This time we were inspired by a brave ‘Impossible project’, founded by a group of enthusiasts that will reproduce analogue instant film.

When asked what the reason behind the challenge is and why they believe the project will not only be possible, but also very successful, they said:

We believe in Polaroid as a strong and unique counterpart to digitalized world that we’re living in. The Digital Revolution completely changed the perspectives, possibilities but also the character of photography. After some years of playing and experimenting with their new digital cameras, people began to miss some aspects of analogue instant photography which they had not been aware of before – or even complained about.
They started longing for real pictures which they could touch, feel and smell. Looking at all the “perfect” and clean digital pictures, they remembered more and more the good days when every single picture was an experiment, an unpredictable adventure, slowly developing in the palms of their hands. They even had to accept the fact that they started missing the high purchase price of analogue Instant film as they found out that it really helps taking good pictures when carefully pushing the trigger, aware of every “click” costing real money. Polaroid film stands for unpredictable visual adventures combined with a splendid retro-style feeling.

Our questions:
Do you think instant photography is by certain properties more valuable than digital photography? What are the advantages of Polaroid cameras when compared to digital ones? There are great numbers of loyal users of Polaroid technique worldwide. Do you believe the retro aspect of instant film can create a new fashion ‘boom’ in photography world and increase Polaroid art scene further? Would you, besides your digital camera, also appreciate having a Polaroid one?

Send away!