Anja Humljan | The Urban Yoga
presented in BLUR 38 | OPEN section by Robert Gojević

The Urban Yoga method for designing space ensures that architecture will continue not only to provide the world with pragmatic buildings which satisfy the demands required of them, or on the contrary buildings which are visually stunning but functionally useless, but to express fundamental truths of the human condition, including our dreams, imagination, and desires: not just those of the designers themselves, but also of those who use these structures on a daily basis.

I am in the process of enrolling at The New School of Architecture & Design (NSAD), San Diego that is collaborating with Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA). I consider myself extremely lucky to being able to pursue this one of a kind program, which combines architecture and neuroscience and as such fits perfectly with the field The Urban Yoga is exploring!

To publish the book containing the context behind The Urban Yoga and the New York, Madrid, Paris, and Ljubljana photo series. The book contains treatises on Space potential, The physical and existential aspect of space, Experimental architecture and philosophy of sensation, Body and perception of space, Imagination and perception of space, Movement and perception of space, The body of an architect vs. the body of a user.