Tintype Summer – The Book – Anton Orlov

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Short Summary
For 4 months, from June to October of 2013, I traveled 12.000mi across US while making over 300 tintype plates along the way. Each tintype is not only unique simply by the nature of the process, but each one also comes with a set of memories that surround it’s creation. A story of the journey will be combined into an illustrated memoir-style book told in ‘passages’ – a page or so of writing to accompany each image. As rewards for your contributions you will own the original draft of that passage, getting a chance to read it well before the book is published, AND the original plate that goes with it! Each passage and plate will be personally signed.


“….After learning the process I found myself completely in love with wet plate photography. It was only natural that I would want to fuse it with my love of traveling. So it was decided – the second Photo Palace Bus cross-country trip was to be dedicated to making tintypes and ambrotypes!”


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