Max Juhasz presented in BLUR 16 | PROJECT section by Robert Gojević

It is a documentary photography project which was made croatian photographer Max Juhasz in summer of 2012 at the Jarun lake, near the author’s residence. The year of the great economic depression and unemployment, in which many of the Zagreb residents substituted their customary seaside summer holidays on the Adriatic coast with the regular visits to the nearby lake.

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▪ soft binding / 20 x 22,5 cm
▪ offset printing / 170 g/m²
▪ pages 132 / 120 photos
▪ edition of 500 signed and numbered copies
▪ text croatian / english
▪ publisher KADAR 36
▪ ISBN: 978-953-57655-0-9
▪ 20 EUR (+ shipping)

Max Juhasz;

JARUN Naslovna