Stanko Abadžić: Adriatic Routes – new book

Stanko Abadžić: Adriatic Routes - new book

Stanko Abadžić presented in BLUR 15 | CLOSE UP section by Robert Gojević

But life is not something that the living being carries ‘in and of itself’. It is an inscription of the living being in life-context – in life-time as well as life-space.[1]

Stanko Abadžić is a photographer/geographer. He is also a scenographer of his own cultural geography. His method of authorial search can be described most succinctly in the words of Ola Söderström, who says that geographers of culture are analyzing the interplay between different forms of representation of space, they are always giving voice or muting certain things and actions, giving importance and visibility to certain processes and not to others, and thus contributing to the transformation of the world.[2] Read more…

CONTEST – A gift from BLUR magazine

A gift from BLUR magazine – book of photographs “Marginalije”!

It is quite easy to participate! Just answer the question: In how many countries is BLUR magazine read? – and send us your answer via online submission. The fastest reader with the correct answer, or the closest to the correct number, will win the latest book by Stanko Abadžić “Marginalije”.

The contest is on from 1 Dec to 31 Dec 2009, and the lucky winner will be announced on BLUR web page and will be contacted via e-mail.

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