The Urban Yoga

The Urban Yoga
Anja Humljan | The Urban Yoga
presented in BLUR 38 | OPEN section by Robert Gojević

The Urban Yoga method for designing space ensures that architecture will continue not only to provide the world with pragmatic buildings which satisfy the demands required of them, or on the contrary buildings which are visually stunning but functionally useless, but to express fundamental truths of the human condition, including our dreams, imagination, and desires: not just those of the designers themselves, but also of those who use these structures on a daily basis. Read more…

The Intrepid 4×5 Camera

The Intrepid 4x5 Camera

The Intrepid 4×5 Camera – An Affordable Large Format Camera

The Intrepid Camera is a high quality and affordable 4×5 field camera, it’s light weight and capable of creating breath taking images.

4×5 is an amazing format. The film comes in sheets that are much larger than your standard 35mm- 13x larger in fact. This lends an incredible amount of clarity and depth in your images. The film would be considered “HDR” in the digital world due to the amount of detail it can capture. 4×5 film is still produced and readily available all over the world, with Ilford, Fuji and Kodak manufacturing some of the most high tech films that have ever existed…

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New55 FILM is a new instant 4×5 film

New55 FILM is a new instant 4x5 film

New55 FILM is a new instant 4×5 film that produces a superb negative, and a positive print too.

As a New55 FILM backer you will be making history.  But you will also be constructing the future of Post-Digital professional darkroomless analog photography.  Here, we — a group of artists (from every continent) — will take up the means of production.  Where large-scale industrial capacity has failed to adapt to the major technological and behavioral shifts from the rise of digital photography, a small-scale factory that is modular, scalable, and humane in its flexibility will begin manufacturing an important and necessary photographic material — New55 FILM.  We now have the opportunity and the responsibility to make it happen. Read more…