Equinox Wet Plate Contest Cancellation

Equinox Wet Plate Contest Cancellation

Dear BLUR fans, dear Equinox competition applicant, jury members and sponsors,

Optimism in life is important, but sometimes things simply don’t go your way. BLUR magazine has always strived to bring our audiences excellence through hard work and enthusiasm, but regardless of our best efforts we’ve sometimes failed. The reason for this is is that we’re always motivated by our love for photography, never focusing on the monetary and mathematical side of the equation. In such a work atmosphere we’ve been able to get away with a touch of naivety and fantasy, and such was the case with the Equinox Wet Plate Collodion competition we tried to launch over the last couple of months.

We’re using past tense because – we failed. In spite of our great efforts over the last few years to promote the collodion process through our Wet Plate section by interviewing photographers, showcasing their work and discovering and nurturing this very small community, we couldn’t realize enough traction for our competition to soar. We’ve had great response from the wet plate community after launching the competition, we brought aboard amazing sponsors and an exceptional jury, we’ve had Facebook announcements, forum announcements, press releases and other usual media coverage but despite all that – wet plate photos simply didn’t trickle in. The response from the photographers themselves simply isn’t big enough to warrant a competition. Even if suddenly things turned around and if we were to receive last-minute entries, BLUR wouldn’t have the time required to produce and jury this competition at the level of quality expected from our magazine. BLUR never compromises on quality, especially when it comes to things we love – so we’re forced to close Equinox prematurely. Read more…



FOTOINVENTS is a small Spanish manufacture held by Pep Mayugo, devoted to the production of analogue photography accessories and the restauration of old analogue cameras. Fotoinvents manufactures equipment that is especially useful for wet plate photography, such as the plate drying rack that holds up to 12 aluminum or glass plates (up to 3 mm thickness per plate, up to 13 x 18 cm in surface area). The rack is foldable for easy storage and weighs around 100 gram. At the Equinox competition, we’re giving away a total of 8 of these useful accessories for wet plate photographers. Read more…

EQUINOX International Wetplate Contest

EQUINOX International Wetplate Contest

Open from March 20th to September 23rd 2014


For photographers who practice the art of collodion, the most interesting part of the 2014 Wet Plate Year project is the international contest Equinox. The name is derived from the interequinoctial duration of the contest – it will be open between the spring and autumn equinoxes, March 20st to September 21st 2014. The reason for such a long duration is the condition that all photos entered into the competition must be new and unique, created especially for this occasion and never before published. These strict rules are a corollary of the small size of the wet plate community. The members of the jury are likely to already know many of the participants, so originality and novelty is the only way to ensure anonymity of the participants and thus reduce the chances of conflict of interest during the judging process. The interequinoctial period, we hope, will be one of great creativity. Read more…

POLAROID Special Edition

Polaroid was invented as an attempt of simplification of the process reserved only for the masters of the dark room, and although it had a great ambition to become a serious competitor of the classical photo development, it never achieved it. Still, Polaroid gained big popularity and many users and fans. It announced something in which later digital photography succeeded, which are practicality and mass and simple usage. Due to its imperfections, Polaroid photography never seriously endangered analogue one, but it is because of them that it was always perceived as artistic. This is also the reason why Polaroid company, through its history, very often hired artists and professional photographers in its campaigns.

However, the circumstances have drastically changed with the introduction of digital photography, which caused a revolution by enabling photographical expression to all users regardless of their previous knowledge and education concerning photography. The photo industry experienced a real boom, while instant analogue photography, because of its inability to respond new market needs, disappeared. In June 2008, Polaroid company globally stopped the production of instant film by shutting down its factories in Mexico and the Netherlands. This moment was followed by numerous demonstrations and dis-approvals of nostalgic Polaroid users all over the world, which motivated Impossible B.V. to start up an ‘impossible’ mission of saving Polaroid photography. Today, 22 of March is a great day for artistic and photography scene, as it is the day when The Impossible Project, after facing many challenges and troubles, became possible and successfully launched their new instant films compatible to the old Polaroid cameras.

In order to celebrate this great moment, BLUR magazine created a real Polaroid treat – a special edition in which all details about the ‘freshly’ produced films will be revealed, where we will show test photographs shoot on the new films, but also present a new section INSTANTION through which we will be presenting work of many Polaroid photographers, and which will, we believe, become a ‘must see’ for all instant film lovers.

Within this special issue, we have also presented some more intimate photographs since Polaroid was know, to many, as an ideal method of shooting small personal home photos. This safe system, through which it was hard to make uncontrollable and unwanted copies, enabled more relaxed photo shooting. To the ladies, it offered a guarantee of privacy in order to get rid of their extra clothes, and its imperfections enabled safe hiding of their identity. Although, probably, not so many of these photos will be sent to our redaction, we still keep our fingers crossed. In the meanwhile, with the aim to encourage those who possess this kind of photos, we have published two Italian masters of Polaroid erotic.

At the end, in order to conclude this great Polaroid story, in December 2009 BLUR started up a big international photo competition entitled The Best Polaroid Photo. Of course, the intention of the competition was never to gather all ever best made Polaroids, since due to the logistical reasons it would be quite impossible. Instead, it offered a quite subjective approach and experience of these works. There were no strict criteria and guidelines upon which exactly these 30 photos were selected by the jury, as we were ruling based on our personal preferences, the same we asked you to do. Beside the jury, the final decision was up to you so that you could also, in this way, participate in this historical moment.

We would like to thank all participants of the competition and voter for their supports, as well as congratulate all finalists and winners.

Download POLAROID Special Edition

Polaroid photo voting

The Best Polaroid Photo – it is time for you to choose!

Last month an international competition of a Polaroid photos finished. It was organized by BLUR magazine in cooperation with The Impossible Project, to mark a great come back of instant film. Contest theme was open; we asked you to send us your favorite photo, the one you believed could win the title The Best Polaroid Photo.

The response was excellent – we received over 500 entries that came from all over the world! Official panel, composed of members of BLUR magazine and The Impossible Project, selected the best 30 photographs which will be exhibited in Zagreb and presented in a special BLUR magazine edition dedicated to Polaroid.

Additionally, we decided to award top 5 photographers with:

  1. prize: Polaroid camera SX-70 Sonar OneStep + 2 packs of newly produced Instant film
  2. prize: Polaroid 600 Once Classic camera  + 2 packs of newly produced Instant film
  3. prize: 3 packs of newly produced Instant film
  4. and 5. prize: 2 x The Impossible Project T-Shirt (M or F)

Now it is up to you to choose The Best Polaroid Photo and to decide which authors will be awarded with these attractive prizes. All you need to do is to go to THE BEST POLAROID PHOTO take a look on all photos and place your votes.

End of March, within special edition of BLUR magazine dedicated to Polaroid, we will announce the happy winners and awarded photographs.

We would like to congratulate all selected photographers and thank everybody for participating!



01.12.2009. – Official start of the contest
10.02.2010. – Photo submission deadline
20.02.2010. – Panel decision
01.03.2010. – Publication of the best 30 photographs on Blur web page. Start of the voting process of the readers 20.03.2010. – Closing of voting process of the readers
22.03.2010. – Publication of the best 5 photographs and awarded authors

POLAROID photo contest

The-Best-polaroid-photoBlur is proud to be the exclusive media sponsor of The Impossible Project, which is re-inventing analogue integral film for vintage Polaroid cameras in the former Polaroid factory in Enschede (the Netherlands).

The company of Polaroid stopped producing the instant film in June 2008, and the expiry date of the last films produced is 9 Oct 2009. After this, it will no longer be possible to purchase instant film – and Polaroid photography would thus be dead and gone forever.

But there is hope – The Impossible Project will launch new instant film materials in 2010. In the beginning of 2010, they will present a b&w analogue integral film for all SX70 and 600 camera models, and colour film will follow in summer, and by the end of 2010 they will bring Image film for Spectra cameras back.

To support this special photographic and artistic moment, Blur magazine, in collaboration with the Impossible Project, is organizing a big international contest of analogue instant photography under the name THE BEST POLAROID PHOTO.

The panel, consisting of leading team members of the Impossible Project and Blur magazine, will select 30 best photographs. These will be presented on the website of Blur, where readers can vote for the BEST POLAROID PHOTO. The five selected photographers will be awarded with attractive prizes, courtesy of the Impossible Project, and the best 30 photographs will be displayed in an exhibition in Zagreb.

More about the contest: http://old.blur-magazine.com/contest/

CONTEST – A gift from BLUR magazine

A gift from BLUR magazine – book of photographs “Marginalije”!

It is quite easy to participate! Just answer the question: In how many countries is BLUR magazine read? – and send us your answer via online submission. The fastest reader with the correct answer, or the closest to the correct number, will win the latest book by Stanko Abadžić “Marginalije”.

The contest is on from 1 Dec to 31 Dec 2009, and the lucky winner will be announced on BLUR web page and will be contacted via e-mail.

Send us your answers at: