BLUR 35 Photo of the month by Sander van Laar

Author: Sander van Laar
Country: Netherlands
Photo: Steamfun
Issue: BLUR 35

Where: “Steamfun” is made in a little studio in Almere , Netherlands (nearby Veenendaal), by a great friend.
It is my first high fashion shoot for steampunk magazine 2011. I put a smokemachine into his jacket and let the game begin :D. When I watch this picture I always have fun with it because the smoke in his jacket was so hot!

Model: Perry Mulder.
Make-up: Ashley Wolters.
Equipment: Canon 40D | F11 | Iso 400 | 1/200 Studiolight information.


About me: My Name is Sander van Laar from the Netherlands. As a graphic designer I found my way into photography. Often I could edit other people’s photography. But after a few years, I decided to make beautiful fine-art by myself. With my first camera (Canon 40D) , I got hooked in studio making portrait photography, wedding photography and reportage photography. After a couple of intense years I had my exam on school in Apeldoorn and I became a professional photographer. I often make work through a concept that I mostly design and draw by myself. I get inspiration from themes about love, faith… also of passionate people and character locations.