BLUR 36 Photo of the month by Alexey Frolov 

Author: Alexey Frolov
Country: Russia
Photo: Faded out

Issue: BLUR 36

For making this photograph I used a camera Canon EOS 450D with a camera lens Canon EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS. Camera characteristics: ISO 100, aperture — f/10, shutter speed — 1/125 secs, focal length — 36mm. The shooting took place in a studio with a black paper background. Studio equipment was two monolights Rekam Master 600. As the key lighting I used a beauty dish 56cm, which was directed with an angle on a model. The second monolight stood behind my back with an octabank 120cm and provided fill lighting. The model made a low hair bun, then I threw translucent fabric on her and made a shot. The photograph processing was in Adobe Photoshop CC. The basic tool I used was Dodge and Burn. With its help I retouched and redrew the lighting at some places of the photo.