We worked and collaborated with numerous backers and supporters from all over the world, to improve and even more simplify the new range of ONDU’s! Your feedback and experiences in real life were the most important thing that kept our minds open for new possibilities. This time we need your support once again. Our know-how in woodworking has increased exponentially and so has the research about cameras. Together we can create wonders!


For those who are just entering the world of pinhole photography, let us quickly explain what’s it all about. A pinhole camera uses a tiny hole to project an image onto photographic material. Because of that small hole, the images created with this type of camera can not be replicated with any lens based camera.

We are taking pictures more than ever, up to the point that we don’t take notice anymore. With pinhole photography you learn to take it slow, people cue up to get their shot taken with a pinhole camera, and you are left with more than just an image, you relive the memory. These are the feelings that are driving me to make pinhole pictures and ONDU makes it easy for everybody to do so.

The new cameras are as well made from locally harvested and FSC certified walnut and maple wood. The inverted darker design will help the camera look beautiful for a longer time, and will not catch any stains that would otherwise happen with a lighter wood type. The wood joints have been redesigned and tested making the ONDU stronger and sturdier than ever. And to top it all, wallnut gives out an amazing scent when being worked on!

Let us guide you to some of the improvemets that we’ve made in the new cameras. We worked together with our backers and supporters all over the world while gathering off the field informations on what could we do to make the cameras even better!