Jelena Blagović presented in BLUR 17 | PROEYECT section by Robert Gojević

Jelena Blagović’s photographic exhibition „About her“ was opened on Sunday 1st of December at Photo Gallery LANG in Samobor. The exhibition will close on 22nd of December 2013. Photo gallery LANG working hours are on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 19:00 or by telephone arrangement; TEL: +385 91 7300485

About Her and/or about myself

Jelena Blagović’s photo essay About Her is a continuation of the author’s intimate family archive and personal history which began with photographic series the Family Silver and Before Me.

About Her is a portrait of the author’s mother presented through photographic sequences. Familiar images of civic lifestyle – furniture, paintings on the walls, family photos, along with barely recognizable motifs in shadows, cigarette smoke and reflections in glass… all subtly create a narrative about her mother. By making small and seemingly irrelevant details equal in meaning with her mother’s face, this series speaks about the nature of human memory. Endless number of small fragments, evidence of presence is equally intertwined in the fabric of the mother’s identity. A whole made out of pieces with no exact definition, subdued colors and blurry contours stand to show that identity cannot be more solid than (somebody’s) image.
Existence requires a reference point, we exist in reflection to others and we define ourselves in relation: to the world which surrounds us, to people, each time slightly different. In one photograph we find the author’s self-portrait, as if hidden in a frame. Jelena places herself in a direct relation. In the mirror reflection, she takes on the role of a mirror. Placing herself as a mark, marking her existence becomes a confirmation for both sides, for both women, a guarantee of the continuity and a discovered proof of existence. (I demand that you are. That I am).

“I am afraid to blink. Afraid that in that second when my gaze is turned off a snake could slip into your place…” writes Kundera in his novel Identity.
The reflection of the world, observed with much attention, tenderness and a small amount of latent fear of disappearing, the world well known to the author is presented to the viewer as undefined and wide, timeless, soft and attainable, as the space for inscribing one’s own memories and truths.

Iva Prosoli