Jacqueline Roberts presented in BLUR 23 | WET PLATE section by Robert Gojević

Jiro Miura Gallery
Series “Kindred Spirits” and “Bloodflow”
17 December 2013 – 13 January 2014



Jacqueline Roberts was born in Paris in 1969. She graduated in Political Sciences and worked for international organisations before turning to photography. Roberts’ work presents a collection of intimist portraits, sincere and tinged with emotion. Her award-winning photographs have featured on the covers of photography magazines, books and music albums. Roberts is a self-taught photographer and works with large format cameras using mainly film and early photographic processes.
She has published two books with Edition Galerie Vevais, within the collector’s series “Werkdruck”. Her third monograph, “Kindred Spirits” is out now.

Kindred Spirits
“Kindred Spirits” is a series of images of my three children and of time slipping away. My parents are ageing, my children are growing. A lapsing moment where I find myself at the crossroads in this circle of life, looking into both directions. Knowing that I lose part of my past when my parents are gone. Knowing that I anchor part of my roots when my children go their way. “Kindred Spirits” are moments in life that I want to remember, moments in life I already miss.

“Bloodflow” are portraits of my family, my uncles, my aunts, my cousins, their daughters, their sons. Portraits that bring to the surface the faces of those gone or that emphasize the likeness of father and son.
For me, to observe how our faces show us mirror images of our roots is fascinating. Blood bonds, blood flows.