Igor Vasiliadis presented in BLUR 20 | WET PLATE section by Robert Gojević

BLUR | Career magazine listed you among the 10 best Russian photographers. Croatia is a small country, and so being among the 10 best here is actually negligible on the global scale. However, having in mind the size and the population of Russia, and a very strong photographic scene there, such acknowledgment has a much more importance. How did this reflect upon your work?

Igor | Due to the fact of some popularity in Russia I shifted to more frequent celebrities shooting. Also these ratings are helpful for my art projects as no one refuses my proposals for making images that I want even if they are close to taboo :)

BLUR | On the pages of Artlimited, BLUR magazine’s partner, you wrote for your profile “Looking for an agent and interested offline gallery in USA and France”. According to you, how much do the photographic markets of the East and West differ – nowadays and in the past?

Igor | Those markets are definitely different. For me, the cooperation with collectors and editors from Russia is much more profitable. But Russian market is rather narrow and isolated. So, thinking big, I just have to make move on to international market. So far, I have rather successful experience in presentation of my works in Spain, France, Germany, UK and US.