The biggest names at Fotofestiwal: Roger Ballen, Alex Webb, Brian Griffin

Depeche Mode, The Clash, Placebo, Queen, R.E.M., Iggy Pop. These are just a few examples of the world music stars who will appear at the 13th edition of Fotofestiwal, courtesy of Brian Griffin’s photographs. However, Griffin does not owe the international acclaim he gained to the big names. Already in 1989 The Guardian pronounced him “Photographer of the Decade”. Life magazine put his photo entitled A Broken Frame on the cover of its “Best Photography of the 1980s” special issue. Already on June 7 Griffin will himself launch his DisCover Phototgraphy exhibition at Monopolis in Łódź, a large post-industrial space. Brian Griffin is a highly respected artist in the world of photography. There are people who do not recognize celebrities he photographs, and yet adore Griffin’s images.


The 13th edition of the International Festival of Photography will host more champions of photography:

Roger Ballen is an individuality and an outstanding personality; author of very characteristic, obscure and haunting images, majority of which were taken in the poverty-stricken outskirts in South Africa. The artist will launch a comprehensive (180 photographs) retrospective exhibition of his work at Atlas Sztuki.

Alex Webb, one of the main representatives of Magnum Photos agency. He will lead Magnum Masterclass, an exclusive photography workshop during Fotofestiwal.

Volker Hinz, a photographer whose portraits has defined the style of the German magazine Stern for over 40 years. His exhibition entitled The Legends comprises portraits of celebrities, politicians, show business and pop culture personalities at the top of their careers.

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Following MoMa in New York and Centre Pompidou in Paris, Roger Ballen’s work is coming to Łódź. Volker Hinz will present his photographs of major show business and politics personalities of the 20th century. Photography workshop will be led by the top member of the legendary Magnum Photos Agency – Alex Webb. Between June 5-15: 13th edition of the International Festival of Photography in Łódź.

For years now Fotofestiwal has focused on bringing world-class photography to Poland. Roger Ballen is the author of some of the most disquieting images in the history of photography. It will be the first extensive exhibition of his work in Poland. Atlas Sztuki (Art Atlas) gallery will be the host of Ballen’s exhibition. Yet another rarity will be photography of Volker Hinz. His photos of Clint Eastwood, Madonna, Woody Allen, Pierre Cardin and were taken to order from most prestigious magazines, and Hinz himself defined the style of the German magazine Stern for over 40 years with his photographs of the USA and south of Africa. The exhibition will comprise over 70 photos, 4 of which will end up at the photography auction. Pre-auction exhibition will be available for viewing in Warsaw, and afterwards at the new festival centre: the post-industrial Art_Inkubator.

Discussion panels and meetings with authors at the 13th edition of Fotofestiwal will be devoted to the topic of FUTURE. We are taught that a camera has been designed to record the present, to allow us to instantaneously turn the present into the past. “Cameras render an immediate reverse view of our experiences” Susan Sontag wrote. How can we then talk about the future by means of photography? Is photography capable of creating visions of the future, or perhaps its purpose is to tell stories of the past and leave a trace of the present? Is there room for visionary photographers? During Future Photo Show we well meet the artists who create images of the future: Phillip Toledano, Vincent Fournier and Kobas Laksa.

And for the permanent feature of Fotofestiwal: Grand Prix finalists’ exhibitions. This year there are 10 finalists. Stigma project by Adam Lach, initiated as a made-to-order reportage, gained attention of the New York Times and was awarded with an honourable mention at the Picture of the Year. The photographs tell a story of a 60 people strong Romanian Romani family residing at an encampment in Wrocław. Yet it is by no means another chapter in the colourful legend, with which the Romani community is mistakenly associated. Elena Chernyshova, laureate of this year World Press Photo, will present a project devoted to Norilsk, one of the most polluted cities in the world. The winner of the Grand Prix Fotofestiwal 2014 will be announced on the first day of the festival. The winner will be awarded 10 000 PLN.

Accompanying exhibitions will feature works by Polish artists such as Anita Andrzejewska and Kuba Dąbrowski, but also Evgenia Arbugaeva, winner of the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2013. Arbugaeva will tell us about her fairy-tale childhood in faraway Siberia. Evgenia has made one of the most interesting photography debuts in the recent years. We will see her work owing to the collaboration with the Leica Gallery in Warsaw.

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Fotofestiwal 2014, June 5-15, Łódź