Expolaroid | April 2014

The month of Polaroid and instant film will take place in France and abroad
Exhibitions, movies, workshops, conferences… many various events.
Organized by people fond of instant photography from all over the world.



« Pola for ever »

You and I, in search of moments that won’t fade away. Your promise to me. A promise of instant pictures, of smiles and captured lights. Our ride for the magic of moments frozen in time and yet intensely alive. There in our hands, we can shortly be holding the proof we love each other. Later, at the bottom of a drawer, folded in your photography album, it will take you on this journey once more, a journey turned paper of emotions, passport to somewhere else, the present of a past which we did not want to erase. Thus I will remember your golden brown hair, and maybe you will remember the way I stared at you. You and I, for ever, Pola mon amour.

Expolaroid, votre ticket pour un voyage au cœur de la photographie et du film instantanés. Créez votre histoire, figez l’instant pour le revivre encore et encore. Expos, ateliers, conférences.

By idîle édito