Dear BLUR fans, dear Equinox competition applicant, jury members and sponsors,

Optimism in life is important, but sometimes things simply don’t go your way. BLUR magazine has always strived to bring our audiences excellence through hard work and enthusiasm, but regardless of our best efforts we’ve sometimes failed. The reason for this is is that we’re always motivated by our love for photography, never focusing on the monetary and mathematical side of the equation. In such a work atmosphere we’ve been able to get away with a touch of naivety and fantasy, and such was the case with the Equinox Wet Plate Collodion competition we tried to launch over the last couple of months.

We’re using past tense because – we failed. In spite of our great efforts over the last few years to promote the collodion process through our Wet Plate section by interviewing photographers, showcasing their work and discovering and nurturing this very small community, we couldn’t realize enough traction for our competition to soar. We’ve had great response from the wet plate community after launching the competition, we brought aboard amazing sponsors and an exceptional jury, we’ve had Facebook announcements, forum announcements, press releases and other usual media coverage but despite all that – wet plate photos simply didn’t trickle in. The response from the photographers themselves simply isn’t big enough to warrant a competition. Even if suddenly things turned around and if we were to receive last-minute entries, BLUR wouldn’t have the time required to produce and jury this competition at the level of quality expected from our magazine. BLUR never compromises on quality, especially when it comes to things we love – so we’re forced to close Equinox prematurely.


Although we’re a bit disappointed, this is understandable. The collodion process is truly a rarity these days and there isn’t enough original work around for us to create a truly independently juried competition where the entries can be properly anonymized for an unbiased jurying process. It’s tough when the most active collodion photographers in the world are sitting in the jury, instead of taking part in the competition. :)

We extend sincere gratitude to our jury members for their willingness to participate in this project, as well as to our amazing sponsors who offered amazing prizes for the Equinox competition. We’re sorry we couldn’t see this idea come to fruition, but this will not stop us from promoting the collodion process further in the years to come.

Those of you who did apply will receive a full refund of your entry fees, and those of you who appreciate wet plate photography will not be disappointed – we’re still continuing with our 2014 Wet Plate Year project. This means we’ll still publish two special free editions of BLUR Wet Plate, filled with amazing collodion photography around the world. You’ll still find interesting interviews with wet plate photographers in the coming regular BLUR editions, and we’re well under way with plans for our 2015 Wet Plate section.

Thank you.

Your BLUR team