Open from March 20th to September 23rd 2014


For photographers who practice the art of collodion, the most interesting part of the 2014 Wet Plate Year project is the international contest Equinox. The name is derived from the interequinoctial duration of the contest – it will be open between the spring and autumn equinoxes, March 20st to September 21st 2014. The reason for such a long duration is the condition that all photos entered into the competition must be new and unique, created especially for this occasion and never before published. These strict rules are a corollary of the small size of the wet plate community. The members of the jury are likely to already know many of the participants, so originality and novelty is the only way to ensure anonymity of the participants and thus reduce the chances of conflict of interest during the judging process. The interequinoctial period, we hope, will be one of great creativity.