New B/W Positive Photo Paper for pinhole and large-format cameras. Very high speed, rich tones, better dynamic range.

We want to reach all the photography artists who are as passionate about classic black-and-white photography as we are. Those who are captivated by the magic of the development process. Those who are ready, just like the alchemists of the past, to experiment with chemicals until they find a recipe that turns their work into gold. Basically we’re looking for like-minded people. Most photo paper manufacturers have closed down, but while there’s still at least one inspired photographer in need of good reversal photo paper left, we will keep trying to get it made!


We need $30,000 to revive the art of reversal photography. This amount will cover the purchase of raw material and Slavich employees services. All the backers will receive the first batch of the photo paper. You can choose the size and the amount of the packs by choosing the appropriate pledge. Kickstarter has proven to be a great source to launch high-reaching projects by people who are serious about their success. And we are. |