BLUR magazine: How would you describe your photographs to someone who has never seen them?

Larry Woodmann: We start with the most difficult question. Sometimes I wonder the same thing and I cannot find the answer; maybe the day I do I will stop shooting. Sometimes I say “emotional photography,” which means to feel something when you observe the photo. It can be sensuality, it can be eroticism, or it can be tenderness or pain, rarely fun. That’s why human beings are the subjects I prefer: Nothing else inspires me like a face, a gesture, the body of a man or a woman, old or young, even if I am known especially for the seconds.

BLUR magazine: What do you pay special attention to when you are taking photos?

Larry Woodmann: When I do street photography, it’s not being discovered by the subject I am shooting! I remember a time I had to convince a man that I deleted the pics I took of him—and they weren’t even good at all. Then not to forget memory cards! It happened once and with a model. We were in an open countryside. We had to drive like crazy to find a shop somewhere that sold them. When we found one, it was winter and almost dark, but luckily a special warm light at sunset allowed us to take beautiful photos—destiny. Generally, I pay special attention to the equipment working properly and the details that can disturb the whole composition.

Larry Woodmann presented in BLUR 38 | CLOSE UP section by Robert Gojević


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