flawed | an instant film exhibition

flawed | an instant film exhibition


A Smith Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of our new exhibition space, “The Salon”. We are fortunate to have recently moved into a larger building with room for two simultaneous exhibits. In “The Salon” we will be hanging juried and invitational exhibitions of alternative, analog images. We are very excited to have Michael Kirchoff as our juror for our first exhibition.


Michael Kirchoff straddles the worlds of both commercial and fine art photography. A commercial shooter for twenty-five years, it is his fine art work that has set him apart from others, with instant film fueling more than a few bodies of work, both completed and ongoing. His consulting, training, and overall support of his fellow photographers and artists continues with help in constructing ones vision, producing artist lectures, and finding exhibition opportunities, which fill the gaps in time away from active shooting.

“As a child, my father introduced me to Polaroid SX-70 film, which I immediately fell in love with as a way of making photographs. That love for the material and the magic has never ceased and remains with me to this day. Truly, instant film has been with me for decades, exploring its serendipitous ways, and remarking on its often quiet beauty as a medium for ones vision. The artists and photographers who know and feel what it can do share in this admiration. Both the expired and the new instant films carry the trait of embracing their defects and flaws, including them in their final output, while the artists revel in these hallmarks. It is these characteristics that add to the mystery and depth of the work constructed.

I want to see what you have created with the instant film that you love, including all the inherent flaws and happy accidents that so often occur. Show me the passion that you feel for a material that enables you to create a physical, tangible image that can be made no other way. From soft color palettes to striking black and white imagery, there are a multitude of ways to present your photographs in the instant world. With a lifetime of experience in the medium I know what can be done. I also know that I can still be surprised at the flexibility of this amazing instant gratification that predates our digital world, yet endures like no other.
This call for art is open as far as subject matter, with the only constraints being that it must be made with one of the many forms of instant film, be it original Polaroid, any one of the Fuji Instant or Impossible Project films, or even the latest New55 Film.”

-Michael Kirchoff


• Photographers of all levels are invited to submit work for “flawed | an instant film exhibition” to A Smith Gallery by November 30, 2015.
• The entry fee is $30 for the first 5 images and $6 for each additional image.
• Thirty images will be selected for exhibition and shown in the gallery’s “Salon” from January 15 to March 6, 2016.
• Receptions will be held on January 30 and February 27, 2016 both from 4 to 7pm.
• A Blurb full color catalogue of the exhibit with all the accepted entries will be available for purchase.
• Awards are $325 for Juror’s Selection and three Director’s Selections each receiving an exhibition catalogue.
• Winning images will be published in a special editorial section of the international publication Blur Magazine.


Creativity is encouraged.


For more information and to enter, please see

Call for Entry



A Smith Gallery

105 North Nugent Ave

Johnson City, Texas 78636



Gallery Hours

Friday and Saturday noon to 6 pm

Sunday noon to 3 pm


New low cost A4 photo printers for event photographers

New low cost A4 photo printers for event photographers

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EPSON launches benchmark flatbed film and photo scanners

 Epson launches benchmark flatbed film and photo scanners

Building on the success of the Perfection V700 range, the new models’ professional quality,
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 16th September 2014 – Epson announces the launch of two outstanding film and photo flatbed scanners: the Perfection V850 Pro and Perfection V800 Photo, for converting back catalogues and collections of photo film and prints into professional-quality digital images. Thanks to the quality of their optics, the size of their scanning area, their wide range of supported film formats and advanced options for dust and scratch removal, they lead the market in this segment. Read more…



FOTOINVENTS is a small Spanish manufacture held by Pep Mayugo, devoted to the production of analogue photography accessories and the restauration of old analogue cameras. Fotoinvents manufactures equipment that is especially useful for wet plate photography, such as the plate drying rack that holds up to 12 aluminum or glass plates (up to 3 mm thickness per plate, up to 13 x 18 cm in surface area). The rack is foldable for easy storage and weighs around 100 gram. At the Equinox competition, we’re giving away a total of 8 of these useful accessories for wet plate photographers. Read more…



Wetplatewagon | official friend of the BLUR Wet Plate section | is a brand that was created with the intention to assist photographers who chose to delve into the world of early photographic practices, in order to add them to the development of their creative projects.

Thanks to the experience of working with tools and materials related with these techniques, and with the support of professionals who are specialize in this sector, we offer services in the field of old photographic equipments restoration and in the production and marketing of new products designed to meet the demands that require such processes. Read more…

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FOJO  iPhone camera app

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ENFOJER – Old School Darkroom for Smartphones

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our portable photographic enlarger – Enfojer. Once it is in production, it will enable you to develop black and white photo prints straight from your phone or developed films.

ENFOJER – Old School Darkroom for Smartphones
Analog B&W prints straight from your phone.
Design – Zagreb, Croatia

ENFOJER Indiegogo Campaign

June ‘Shoot The Face’ contest winner

June 'Shoot The Face' contest winner

When someone or something captures my attention, I take the shot, without even thinking about it. No careful consideration of framing or composition. It’s pure instinct. I like to see the improbable emerge from humdrum daily life and grab hold of me. Just like I might grab an unsuspecting crab, and look it in the eyes and wonder what it’s thinking. “What a bizarre creature,” is what the crab is thinking… It’s all about point of view. I approach things from a broad point of view, a wide angle. The 24mm lens forces a true encounter with my subject. This is no longer observation, or the voyeurism of a distant photographer, but a quasi-terroristic approach. A holdup! “Is that what you’re like? Just there, yes, and…it’s a wrap.” Now you’ll be a part of my cabinet of curiosities.”


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May ‘Shoot The Face’ contest winner

May 'Shoot The Face' contest winner

I’m Tomer and I’m a freelance photographer who lives in Israel. My passion for photography started in 2010, when I bought my first camera. I started with landscape photography, but after a while, I realized that street photography, and portraits is what I’m looking for. I enjoyed the challenge of photography in a complex, constantly changing environment open markets, old fashion neighborhoods, busy streets, turned to be the main focus of my work. Now, three years after I got my first camera, I believe that any shot reflects feelings and emotions, and in some cases tells us a life story. As a photographer, I’m always looking forward to take a photo that will create a unique bond among the photo, the viewers, and the story it tells us.


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