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BLUR magazine has decided to make 2014 the WET PLATE year. Apart from my personal interest in Wet Plate, there is another particular reason for this decision. I have been following the wet plate scene for a few years now, and I have done about 20 interviews so far with the wet plate photographers (thanks to Denis and Goga for their help), some of the most famous and most interesting in the world. During that time, I have been gradually collecting the equipment (an ongoing process) in order to join that magical practice—but I have also faced many problems, which in turn influenced my desire to do my best to promote the wet plate scene.

Therefore, besides several special BLUR issues being prepared, I am proud to officially announce EQUINOX, the first international Wet Plate contest and quite possibly the first wet plate contest since the process was invented in 1851. The contest will begin on the first day of spring and will last until the first day of autumn, a period in which the wet plate scene will be the focus of our interest.

On the cover of our first issue in 2014 is the work of a very interesting, creative, and honored artist, Mark Osterman, who is probably a household name for the majority of wet-platers. The reasons for this, and the reason I chose Mark to be a juror in our wet plate contest, will be clear in the series of very interesting interviews to be presented in the Wet Plate section of BLUR this year.

Robert Gojević, founder and editor in chief

BLUR magazine 35

Feb/Mar 2014 | File size: 115 MB (PDF) | Pages: 251 | CLOSE-UP Dasha & Mari, Ukraine | PROJECT Hana Pesut, Canada | WET PLATE Mark Osterman, USA | INSTANTION Camille Andrea Rubiani, Switzerland | PLAYSTICK Laura Burlton, USA | PINHOLE Paul Mitchell, UK | TETRA Michael Salmela, USA | WIDE Antonio Correia , Portugal | OPEN James Wigger, USA | PROEYECT Eran Gilat , Israel