as you like it

an international photo exhibition

featuring guest curators

Farhad Bahram – Nóra Barabás – Isabelle Thibeault-Jolin


“as you like it” is the fifth photographic exhibition organised in Abertillery, Wales by the*kickplate*project. For this exhibition, apart from choosing photographs ourselves, we have also asked a group of international artists to select works for us to show in the gallery. Each artist has been given the opportunity to choose photographers and images to present on their own section of wall – our hope is to create 5 single exhibitions that add up to 1 featuring 10 photographers in all.

blur magazine as you like it

We have chosen artists Farhad Bahram (Iran), Nóra Barabás (Hungary) and Isabelle Thibeault-Jolin (Canada) to accompany us, the*kickplate*project (Zosia Krasnowolska – Poland and Dafydd Williams – Wales) because we thought it was a great way to discover and feature artists that we haven’t known or shown before and present them to our audience.

It’s an attempt to create a global exhibition that will show local people visiting our gallery what artists, in a wide variety of countries, are looking at and liking – so that they can feel part of an international art scene that may otherwise seem distant and hard to access, especially at a time when travelling is becoming harder due to tough economic circumstances.



the*kickplate*project started off as a pop-up gallery in a former barber shop in Wales, and takes its name from the metal plates that sit in place as a reminder of our gallery’s past.

the popularity of the first exhibition we organised, “Visitors”, made us realise how much an art space was needed and welcome in our small town, and we decided to stay for a bit longer.
our aim is to bring high-quality international photography to a place that doesn’t have a permanent gallery, show that art is not prescribed to one social group and help promote new artists, focusing on countries whose art is often overlooked.
for us, the*kickplate*project is a way to fight small-town boredom, to question who the target audience of art is and to broaden that audience, to bring art directly into the lives and communities of those people who have been told that art is not for them.
due to the nomadic character of our lives and the relatively temporary nature of our gallery, we would like to take the*kickplate*project to other places.
about us

dafydd williams used to be an office worker. now he is a self-taught experimental photographer and camera-maker and hopes to stick to that.

zosia krasnowolska is a cultural studies graduate, translator and a life-long camera addict.


Featured Artists

Susan de Witt
Marianne Priest
Rebecca Cairns
Mahmoodreza Nourbakhsh
Brian Henry
Charles Guerin
Yulia Kazban
Brandon Long
Stéphane Vendran
Toralf Sümmchen | presented in BLUR 31 | WET PLATE section by Robert Gojević

as you like it