Alexey Alexeev presented in BLUR 26 | WET PLATE section by Robert Gojević

November 29 at 7 p.m. the exhibition House of Birds opens as part of the Art-Geography project in the Lesser Hall at the Russian Geographical Society Headquarters in Saint Petersburg.

House of Birds is a photo project carried out in the Kaliningrad region (formerly Königsberg) in 2013 by three photographers from different Russian cities: Alexey Alexeev, Oleg Zhuravlev (Saint Petersburg) and Ludmila Brilevksaya (Kaliningrad). The exposition displays works produced using alternative manual photograph technologies that apply the same techniques used 150 years ago. Ambrotype, salted paper, Gold Toned Van Dyke Brown made from Wet-Plate Collodion negatives are some of the rarest methods of getting an image nowadays.
This project did not have a particular name at first – the idea to call it House of Birds was brought to the authors by the storks living in the Allenburg church, a Brick Gothic monument established in1405.


Over the course of several weeks, the photographers took pictures of historical sites in the Kaliningrad region. The shots were of the Balga, Georgenburg and Shaaken castles, churches in the village of Nekrasovo, and other disintegrating structures. Often, the only things in the lens were the ruins and the birds, who have become the true residents of these ancient buildings.
The House of Birds project uses the tools of the past to show not only days gone by, but the present that belongs to those who have wings.

The exhibition runs from November 29, 2013 to January 12, 2014 (11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily).
Address: Grivtsova 10-A, Saint Petersburg
Entrance is free.

…When all around are only bricks and rubble,
there are no subjects, there are only words.
But mouths are gone. And a chirping is heard.
- Joseph Brodsky