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Thank you so much for all your support over the years, especially during 2013 which proved to be one of the most challenging in BLUR’s history. At the start of 2013 we had only 8.000 fans, a buggy server and couldn’t handle the stress of our growing fanbase. A year later we’re stronger than ever, with a whopping 375% yearly growth! The fact that we’ve been able to promote exceptional photographers worldwide to such a fast growing audience without delays, while switching servers and building a new website makes us really proud. We even switched from a quartely to a bi-monthly publication schedule, which means we now have to go through a lot more photographs every month to maintain a quality selection. It’s a lot of work for a small non-profit organization, but you guys make it all worth it. Thanks for putting up with our quirks and the occasional error, thanks for sending us so many letters and e-mails (and sorry if we sometimes don’t reply, we’re working on improving that!) and thanks for spreading the word about the amazing photography we’re discovering every two months.


We couldn’t have done without you, our readers & fans. But most of all we want to thank all the talented photographers out there looking for a way to reach more eyes and hearts – thank you for reaching out to BLUR for exposure. We’ll strive to be a better and better platform for your artwork in the years to come.

Thank you!