Alexey Alexeev | exhibition

Alexey Alexeev | exhibition

Alexey Alexeev presented in BLUR 26 | WET PLATE section by Robert Gojević

November 29 at 7 p.m. the exhibition House of Birds opens as part of the Art-Geography project in the Lesser Hall at the Russian Geographical Society Headquarters in Saint Petersburg.

House of Birds is a photo project carried out in the Kaliningrad region (formerly Königsberg) in 2013 by three photographers from different Russian cities: Alexey Alexeev, Oleg Zhuravlev (Saint Petersburg) and Ludmila Brilevksaya (Kaliningrad). The exposition displays works produced using alternative manual photograph technologies that apply the same techniques used 150 years ago. Ambrotype, salted paper, Gold Toned Van Dyke Brown made from Wet-Plate Collodion negatives are some of the rarest methods of getting an image nowadays.
This project did not have a particular name at first – the idea to call it House of Birds was brought to the authors by the storks living in the Allenburg church, a Brick Gothic monument established in1405. Read more…

Photo of the month | October | Editors’ Choice

Photo of the month | October | Editors’ Choice

BLUR 33 Photo of the month by Josipa Bjelobrk

The photo “Vizija (vision)” was created in hidden passage in the woods which I passed through for years, gathered visions for years, and one stopped moment enabled me its perpetuation. Girl in the white dress (Nikolina Matičević) is the ruler of that space that connects my imagined and experienced reality. Used Canon 450d camera, with 50mm f/1.4 Canon lens. Read more…

as you like it – an international photo exhibition

as you like it - an international photo exhibition


as you like it

an international photo exhibition

featuring guest curators

Farhad Bahram – Nóra Barabás – Isabelle Thibeault-Jolin


“as you like it” is the fifth photographic exhibition organised in Abertillery, Wales by the*kickplate*project. For this exhibition, apart from choosing photographs ourselves, we have also asked a group of international artists to select works for us to show in the gallery. Each artist has been given the opportunity to choose photographers and images to present on their own section of wall – our hope is to create 5 single exhibitions that add up to 1 featuring 10 photographers in all. Read more…

Stanko Abadžić: Adriatic Routes – new book

Stanko Abadžić: Adriatic Routes - new book

Stanko Abadžić presented in BLUR 15 | CLOSE UP section by Robert Gojević

But life is not something that the living being carries ‘in and of itself’. It is an inscription of the living being in life-context – in life-time as well as life-space.[1]

Stanko Abadžić is a photographer/geographer. He is also a scenographer of his own cultural geography. His method of authorial search can be described most succinctly in the words of Ola Söderström, who says that geographers of culture are analyzing the interplay between different forms of representation of space, they are always giving voice or muting certain things and actions, giving importance and visibility to certain processes and not to others, and thus contributing to the transformation of the world.[2] Read more…

ONDU pinhole cameras

ONDU pinhole cameras

In the digital age of photography and image processing, there is not much room left for alternative photographing techniques. Some require a lot of time to master yet others are just not very practical and simple to obtain. Many pepople try theese techniques but often gret discouraged at certain point.
After researching and many prototypes and ideas, we felt confident that a long lasting product and simple design can be merged into the ONDU Pinhole camera family. Read more…

FOJO iPhone camera app

FOJO  iPhone camera app

Our friends from Fojo, now official friends of the Playstick section, just launched one of the most creative and feature-packed iPhone camera apps we’ve seen to date, freely available in the App Store worldwide – click here:

You’ll be able to read all about it in the upcoming December issue of BLUR, but for now we invite you to check out their app and give them some love! Read more…