We are currently unable to offer BLUR magazine for download!

We are currently unable to offer BLUR magazine for download!
Update: 10/7/2012

Dear readers of BLUR magazine, our issues are again available for download.
In case of excessive server load (too many downloads for our capacity), this situation might happen again. Thank you for your understanding.

Dear readers,

BLUR is facing another difficult period and some problems due to which we ask you for patience and understanding.
Due to an unexpectedly large number of BLUR magazine downloads, we have overloaded our server, and therefore we are currently and temporarily unable to offer any further downloads.

Although a large readership is a plus for any magazine, in our case the number of our readers in on the constant rise due to freely available high quality content, but this also poses some serious problems for us.
Since the preparation and distribution of BLUR magazine is free, and we are all volunteers, we do not have the finances required for paying for a server powerful enough for our rising needs. The oscillations in the server load are also a problem, since the period when a new issue is announced and offered for download has significantly more traffic than a month later or in the period immediately before a new issue is made available. An additional dimension of the problem is also the unpredictability of the download dynamics, which is sometimes quite surprising, like in the case of this past weekend.

Our team is doing their best in order to try to solve this new problem, at least temporarily for the beginning, in order to put the system online again.

We will keep you posted here, under the link NEWS, about the situation and any possible changes.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Robert Gojević, Editor in Chief