Editorial column, no.22

Finally, the time has come for the Blur exhibition. I say “finally”, because this idea goes back 3-4 years, since the very beginnings of our magazine. I’ve bothered many people about it, but regardless of how good it sounded as an idea, things never went ahead as planned. Obviously we needed the right editorial team: Tomislav, Ivana and Tea, who turned this dream of mine into reality. They did their job by professionally organizing a big and demanding exhibition, a real treat for every true photography buff.

We named the exhibition Blur Photo 011, and it is a selection of the photos we’ve published in the past year. Recently, while talking to a person who has never read the Blur magazine I had to explain what’s so special about our photo magazine, and also about the photos at the exhibition. The question came immediately after discussing the camera I was holding in my hands, so it wasn’t difficult to follow up on the issue we just discussed.

You need the right tool for the job – as everyone who ever tried to do a demanding job can tell you.

Unlike many other professions, photography is actually in its essence not that demanding, so it’s strange how some photographers are willing to spend endless hours discussing tools. Of course, we cannot simplify and banalize the issue completely, because there are different photography tasks and processes – some are more and some less demanding.

There are no rules, but regardless of the tastes and differences, somehow today we get an impression that photography is always overshadowed by the photographic tools. Whether we speak of photo magazines or web sites, the quantity of material dedicated to tools, when compared to what is dedicated to the photographer or photographs themselves, is simply unbelievable.

In Blur, the tools are irrelevant. Here the tools are secondary, compared to the photos and photographers. We don’t really care what you used to take that photo and how the photo came to be. Our philosophy is quite simple: we provide the space for the photographer and his/her photos regardless of the tools used to produce the photo. The focus is only on the creativity. And, who would have thought it: such a simple approach was enough to make us unique, and we get so many different photos in one place. Therefore, this exhibition is interesting and different, and should be seen, even if only online :) .