In light of recent earthquake and the following disasters in Japan, the staff, authors and the collaborators of BLUR magazine express their sincere and heartfelt sympathies to the people of Japan. To all Japanese people and in particular to our friends from Japan whose photos we have published, or are yet to publish, we wish a speedy recovery. Our thoughts are with Japan and with the Japanese people.

Editorial column, no.21

Maybe to someone it will look a bit ridiculous when I say that we in BLUR magazine strive to be like the Enterprise crew from Star Trek. As silly as it sounds, that’s the truth. On one hand, we like the idea of presence in an infinite space, in our case the cyber world, which allows us to collaborate with authors from all parts of world and to address to readers from around 180 countries. On the other hand, the crew of this spaceship was successful because the team consisted of people of different cultures and backgrounds. Therefore, BLUR magazine entered the 2011 with a bigger, multicultural team. In addition to the already well-known colleagues from Croatia, BLUR is now collaborating with Mark Sink from the U.S., future editor of Wet Plate, Jennifer Rumbach from Germany, future editor of the Instantion, Michael McAllister from the U.S., proofreader, and Jennifer Henriksen from Canada who has been editing the Playstick section from recently.

Given the aim of focusing more on the infinite space that the Internet technology enables, from next issue BLUR magazine will be issued in English version only. At this moment Croatian independent cultural scene is in a difficult stage and our statistics show that most of the Croatian readers prefer to download the English version, which is why we, until further notice, decided to suspend the Croatian edition of BLUR. We believe how most of our loyal readers from Croatia will not feel this necessary change, while our international editorial board will get more capacity to conquer the cyber world.

In the end, it is my pleasure to announce a great treat for all Polaroid fans; the exhibition “The Best of Polaroid photos” in photo gallery Lang in Samobor. Beside the thirty authors who won our last year’s competition, we will present the works of our Instantion editor, Jennifer Rumbach and a series of photographs ‘Famous Faces’ by Mark Sink, recorded in the 80-is, in which he captures many celebrities from the showbiz and the art world of New York.