Editorial column, no.20

Samobor is a small idyllic town near Zagreb where the only professional gallery specialized in photography in Croatia is situated. It is called Photo gallery Lang. Although small in its size, the gallery is truly grand because of its expertise and contribution to Croatian photography. Moreover, many famous cultural institutions would be envious of the gallery’s rich and high quality program.

BLUR magazine has been successfully cooperating with the gallery for several years now, recognizing in it the potential and the kind of driving force that also motivates our team members. Therefore, in order to help this unique Croatian house of photography, BLUR magazine is the gallery’s official media sponsor and creator of its website www.fotogalerija-lang.com.

It is in this gallery, courtesy of its program advisor, Mr. Želimir Koščević, where BLUR magazine will organize an international exhibition of Polaroid photography entitled The Best Photo which will be staged in March 2011. On this exhibition 30 small masterpieces selected by our expert panel among several hundred photographs from all over world will be presented.

Since most of our readers around the world probably don’t know much about Samobor, I must emphasize that this is a city with rich history in photography. Fotokemika is a name surely familiar to every analogue photography fan. This worldly known manufacturer of photo films was established exactly in Samobor in 1947. Also, it was in Samobor, back in the 1924, where Tošo Dabac, a master of Croatian photography which we presented in BLUR magazine and through web site www.tosodabac.com, firstly came into contact with photography.

However, only some people know that Samobor has another great icon of Croatian photography which comes from the very end of the 19th and the early 20th century. This is a stereography photographer Franjo Bahovec; an entrepreneur, world traveler and passionate amateur photographer who, apart from very intimate photos of his wife and photos of his city Samobor, did some amazing historic shoots of large cities such as New York. This extremely interesting and valuable legacy, until today, has been presented to the public on two exhibitions in photo gallery Lang. It is our great pleasure to announce the world premiere of Franjo Bahovac’s work that we will extensively present in the following four BLUR issues.

But let’s say something more about our twentieth issue. There is a very good reason why BLUR is read in the whole world and why some professionals think of it as the best online photo magazine. It is because our team is driven by a desire of providing high quality content from various aspects of photography, world expansion and internationalization of the editorial – with the aim to create a unique photo journal. We are proud to announce our new editor of Playstick, Jennifer Henriksen from Canada, also known as Holga Jen, a photographer and a passionate toy camera user. In addition, we are introducing a new section called Wet Plate where we will present the truly mystical and romantic works shoot with this antique photo technique. Finally, we decided to give another perspective of the world of photography which is why we interviewed Suzanne Pastor, a respected collector of photo artworks who revealed her experiences in the photography market.